Moving On from Blogging As I’ve Known It

It has been quiet on this little blog for nearly two months. At first I didn’t intend to pack up and leave so abruptly, but over the last year or so of taking my blogging and writing seriously, I’ve discovered a few things—mainly, what I do not want my blog to be about. As I've grown and evolved, so has my blog, and it's time to move on.When I first started blogging, I was a 21-year-old senior in college preparing to graduate, move back from the east coast to the midwest, get married, and start a new job ....more

The Baby Question: Asking “Why” Instead of “When” to Have Kids

Now that we are two years into our marriage, one of the most common questions my husband I get from curious if not overly inquisitive acquaintances is about having children. "When do you plan to have children?” they nonchalantly ask, using "when" instead of "if" given the assumption that all (good Christian) married couples want and plan to have children. Most often, the question is directed at me as the woman, again with the assumption that all (good Christian) women have intense desires and callings to become mothers ....more

What I'm Into (July 2013)

Today I'm linking up with Leigh Kramer for her "What I'm Into" series at the end of each month. Leigh is a blogger/writer friend turned in-person friend who I was able to spend time with this past month at a delicious brunch, along with Dianna, Bethany, and Brenna. It's the first time I'm doing this link-up, and it's already August, so bear with me.Books I Read Femininity...more

I'll Always Be A Christian First & Feminist Second

I am living proof that you can be both a Christian and a feminist.Growing up in the Catholic Church, I learned that a commitment to social justice was an integral and necessary part of true faith in Christ. It wasn't about doing good works (contrary to what anti-Catholics may say), but simply acknowledged that good works naturally flow out of a vibrant, committed faith. My faith and commitment to social justice and feminism were never either/or—but rather were both/and.By the time that I had entered college, my faith and feminism were engaged, but not yet married ....more

Sweatshops Are Okay If the Clothing Is Cute...Right?

Consumers are more likely to justify buying unethically-produced items if those items are “cute.”That’s what research from my alma mater, Georgetown University, reported yesterday, citing new research from professor Neeru Paharia and others, who studied the economics, decision making, and moral tradeoffs in consumers’ buying habits. Paharia describes how most people believe...more

The Difference Between Sex & Gender Roles in Marriage [Guest Post at SheLoves Magazine]

Today I am over at SheLoves Magazine, where some of the warmest and most talented women writers from around the world shares stories. When I first wrote the post below, I wasn't sure exactly where it would best fit. It seemed too edgy for some of the typical places I write, but not journalistic enough for more mainstream platforms where I've written ....more

Christian Feminism Q&A: Jennifer Stahl

A few weeks ago, I announced that I am hosting a new series called...more

Confronting My Privilege When Traveling in the Developing World

I was proposed to on our first day in Ghana.Walking single-file through the crowded urban market, a stranger grabbed my arm, telling me how beautiful I was and how he wanted to marry me. Well-accustomed to catcalls from before my breasts even budded, I learned to ignore the whistles and crude advances. But only rarely would I be physically touched with such persistence ....more

One Small Change: The Story Sewn into Every Seam

Today I am guest posting for Addie Zierman on her often hilarious and always insightful blog, How to Talk Evangelical. Last week, Addie announced that she was hosting a series called "One Small Change" in which different writers each week would share one small thing they've changed in their lives in the pursuit of justice and peace. Addie graciously asked me to kick off the series this week, and of course, I chose to write on ethical fashion ....more

Christian Feminism Q&A: Hannah Mudge

A few weeks ago, I announced that I am hosting a new series called...more