Love and Loss: Can Marriage Survive the Death of a Child?

This post has taken me a while to finish and here’s why; I have several friends who have lost children to cancer in the last month. One child was the same age as my youngest and that friend and I have been pregnant together for all our kids. That one hit home, still makes it hard to breathe and I wake up every day praying for her and her sweet family. I know Christ is with that family, offering them comfort, His Holy Spirit and lots of extra love during this trying time....more
Wow, what a beautiful post. As someone who has not only lost a child but lost my only child, you ...more

Do This for Better Sex Tonight!

Amazing discovery that I re-made recently. My husband and I have a code. If I say, “What’s your favorite color tonight?” He knows I am asking him what lingerie he wants to see. Of course, I can pick my own, but it’s a fun way for me to get him involved in some mental foreplay....more

Intimacy during Illness

I have a cold. Another one. When it comes to health, this year has been less than stellar. Mono, bronchitis, colds and flus have been constant companions. I am hoping 2013 is my lucky year because 2012 has certainly wreaked havoc on my system. However, I have learned that illness can increase my connection to my husband. In fact, it’s made our bond very tender…and here are three things that have made us closer....more

Three Easy Ways to Steam Up Your Sex Life (In the Shower)

Shower sex. Love it or hate it, it's one of the most common locations for intercourse. Before I tried these three things, shower sex was downright boring. Now, it's one of my faves. Take a look and try one this weekend. You'll be glad you did....more

Love on the Road

Travel can take its toll on any relationship. I happen to do a fair amount of it for work and have found that by doing a few simple things, it actually has brought me closer to my husband. If you find yourself suitcasing it solo, here are some tips to help you remain connected.  My tips:  •Talk, talk talk: Speak voice to voice when you wake up and before you go to bed.•Text when you can: My husband and I end our texts with “Mwah!” It might not be your thing, but find out what is and use it.  ...more