Writing Tools

Since I spent much of today getting ready for the Chastain Park Arts Festival, I think I'll take the easy way out and use today's NaBloPoMo prompt:...more

After twenty years, a first

One of my stu­dents came up after class this evening and handed me an invi­ta­tion to this month’s Phi Theta Kappa honor soci­ety induc­tion, say­ing that I and my class meant a great deal to her and she wanted me to know that. When I read the entire thing, I was very touched, and quite hon­ored! Appar­ently each Phi Theta Kappa inductee is allowed to rec­og­nize one pro­fes­sor at the cer­e­mony who has been espe­cially impor­tant in their aca­d­e­mic career so far — I didn’t know that....more

Why I haven't been writing

There are multiple reasons, of course. It's not like I've been totally incommunicado. I do post a lot on Facebook and I Tweet fairly often. That isn't blogging of course; much of it is just curating & sharing other people's links & photos & articles....more

NaBloPoMo 2011 Begins…

I don’t know that I have a favorite part about writ­ing. I just know that dur­ing some peri­ods of my life, but not all of them, I feel com­pelled to write. I enjoy it when the words flow, the ideas come, the body and the sched­ule coop­er­ate. I hate it when I feel like I have noth­ing to say or I just can’t find the way to say it. Today is not a day that writ­ing is com­ing eas­ily. My jaw hurts from this morning’s den­tal work, my brain feels sleepy, and I just want to curl up some­where and vegetate. ...more
How fun more