Zoo Day on a Budget

Children love going to the zoo, especially in the summer. It's a great place to entertain kids of all ages, but it can also cost a pretty penny after parking, admission, & other expenses. With some planning and preparation, going to the zoo doesn't have to break the bank for a family. Here are a few helpful tips: Special Events Get familiar with the local zoos in your area. Visit their websites frequently and you might spot some special events. For example, this coming week at the Dallas Zoo is Dollar Day! ...more

Huge Suave Giveaway

Hi everyone!  Wanted to let everyone know that I am so excited to be hosting my 2nd giveaway ever - and it's huge!   I've partnered up with Suave this time!  I recently had the opportunity to take the Suave head to head challenge and compare many of Suave's products to other leading brands.  I had never used Suave before so I was pleasantly surprised.  Not only that, but their prices blow away the competition (and there are always coupons in the paper too).  What are we giving away? ...more

The Walmart Checkout Line

I've been in that Walmart line. You know the one. The line that is filled with people anxious to get home. The screaming kids (mine is home with Daddy). The frustrated looks. You know that line. Then I'm up. It's my turn. The cashier scans everything. Then I say I have coupons. Ok, no big deal. But, then she sees the stack of coupons. Yes, I have a coupon for each and every item I am buying. She seems to roll her eyes. The people in the LONG line behind me are rolling their eyes too. UNTIL..... ...more

Free Magazine (not so secret) Secrets

Free magazines?Really?You don't pay a dime?Never even get a bill? YES, YES, YES and YES! It sounds almost too good to be true, but if you look at all my "Mailbox Mondays" over the last few months, you'll see photo after photo of my FREE magazines that arrive every week. When I first heard about free magazines, I was hesitant. I didn't believe it....had to be a gimmick. After a while, I decided to try it once. I waited.....and a magazine showed up in my mailbox. Never received a bill. ...more

I read so many magazines (12 right now I think). Many I read are from free offers. These are ...more