I’m not gonna sew bras. But hey! Gardening! Bread! Photography!

Hey there, guys! The Ultimate DIY bundle comes with a number of bonus offers, the most exciting being a free course from Craftsy. Craftsy courses run anywhere from $39-$59, so this course alone is worth more than the bundle price of $34.95 ....more

I’m kind of bad at self-promotion. But here’s my best effort. ;)

I’ve already given you all my opinion of the Ultimate DIY bundle. (In a nutshell, it’s a screaming deal if you love crafting, sewing, painting, and DIY decorating). But, I thought you all would find it helpful to hear what other readers think of the bundle too! ...more

Five Frugal Things

My friend Katy frequently posts a list of five frugal things she’s done recently....more

How to Make Chocolate Whoopie Pies

A long time ago (like when Zoe was a baby), my mom made whoopie pies. I don’t really remember how I felt about them back then (I probably liked them!), but the memory of the whoopie pies made me want to bake them with my mom. So, we googled to find a recipe and came across a Cook’s Country recipe on another blog ....more

A few of my book faves (plus some of my not-faves)

The Ultimate DIY bundle, which I posted about yesterday, has 76 ebooks and ecourses, which is a lot to sort out! Whenever I buy a bundle, I don’t download all the books, because I know there are going to be a number I’m just not interested in. So instead I opt to download just the ones I’m going to want to read ....more

The Ultimate DIY Bundle is here!

When I posted about making my own Soft Scrub on Monday, I mentioned that I got the recipe from a book in the Ultimate DIY ebook bundle, which is available to you as of 8:00 this morning. The Ultimate DIY bundle contains 76 ebooks and ecourses (plus 6 bonus offers) for $34.95, so the price per book/course is slightly less than $0.46. The bundle covers a lot of areas of DIY, such as sewing: crafts: (my book is in this group!) photography: home decor: home and garden: (Clean and Simple is the book with the soft scrub recipe.) and there are more books too! ...more

Flower dissection is my favorite.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I post a picture and just a few words…sort of a 104 project instead of a 365 project. Sonia and Zoe’s science course this year is botany, so we dissected a few flowers this past week....more

I’m reading like a crazy person, I made soft scrub…

Yup…it’s a miscellany kind of day, where I have multiple small things to tell you about. Ready? 1. The Woolbuddy Giveaway The felting kit giveaway closes tonight at midnight EST ....more

Win a WoolBuddy felting kit from Fun.com!

Back in December, Fun.com asked if I’d do a needle felting kit giveaway, so I asked if you guys were interested and you all said yes! So here we are. Our kits arrived just before Christmas, while my girls were all sick....more

The potato, lettuce, and banana situations have been resolved.

Well, mostly. Last time I did a Food Waste Friday post, I had an abundance of potatoes, lettuce, and overripe bananas. Here’s my potato collection from that post....more