4 Healthy Food Swaps That Won’t Break the Bank

Lately, I’ve been trying to make healthier choices with the food I put on the table. Something that I know held me back for quite a while was assuming that making any healthy changes to my diet would result in a substantial increase in my grocery costs. While my grocery costs have increased overall, I’m okay with that because we’re eating a lot healthier now ....more


The holiday season is upon us and that means that our wallets will be losing a bit of weight. In the midst of planning elaborate holiday dinners, shopping for gifts, and all the other wallet-trimming activities that are brought about by the holidays, it can be difficult to keep track of just how much you’re spending on gifts. If you need just a little help keeping things streamlined and organized, this holiday gift planner printable is for you! ...more

6 Frugal Things I Did Last Month – October

Here are six frugal things I did in October. 1. We got a Roku. We finally bought ourselves a Roku 2 ....more

Going through Unemployment: 6 Changes we Made

A few months ago I shared that my husband was suddenly laid off. Here are 6 changes we made while we were dealing with unemployment. We already lived frugally prior to the layoff, so I’ll warn you now – they’re not revolutionary concepts and they truly were small changes in the grand scheme of things ....more

How to Set a Fun-Money Budget

Let’s talk money – fun-money specifically! Setting a fun-money budget helps curb unplanned spending. It creates breathing room in even the tightest of budgets ....more

My Weekly Meal Prep

I’ve mentioned my weekly meal prep several times on the blog, but I realized that I’ve never actually shown you what I do during these cooking sessions. I managed to get some pictures in while I was halfway through the process, so I figured I’d give you a peek into what my weekly meal prepping sessions look like. It does take some effort, and spending a Sunday afternoon working in the kitchen is sometimes a chore ....more

Stretching a Whole Chicken through 5 Meals

You know how much I like experimenting for the sake of frugality. So I went on a mission to stretch a whole...more

7 Old-Fashioned Skills that Save you Money

There are many ways to pinch a penny. Some of the most practical are being phased out over the decades. Many of the economically-minded skills of our ancestors are slowly being forgotten and losing their place in our modern world ....more

Homemade Crockpot Chicken Stock

Store-bought chicken stock is expensive. So I’m going to teach you how to make your own in the easiest way possible: homemade crockpot chicken stock. Making your own chicken stock in the slow cooker allows you to save money, make boatloads of stock (okay, slight exaggeration there) and forgo the act of babysitting a boiling pot for the better part of the...more

6 Frugal Things I Did Last Month – September

September was a month filled with lots of frugal things. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you most of them. Why? ...more