Who's Hat is That?

I've been thinking a lot about friends lately and this got me digging around in the Bible to see what God has to say about a friend. I was a little surprised that when searching back to the original Hebrew and Greek meanings of the word 'friend', the definition kept bringing me to the word 'husband.' Hmmm. This makes me stop and really think...and then just be in awe of God's plans for all of us. It is in His design for our spouse to be our friend, I would even suggest our BEST friend. I am often guilty at looking so hard for something right under my nose...friendship....more

Matching Socks

Between my curious kids and the monster feasting on socks in my dryer, I do not ever seem to have a clean, matching pair of socks. Most days, a matching pair of socks is the least of my concern while my children are teaching each other how to twist off the milk cap and watch the epic splash on the floor. I suppose I could look at this as an opportunity to live more freely, not caring what people may think of me or my children and our wacky mis-matched socks....more

Meat-ish Loaf

$1 Black Bean Burger


1/2 Price Sweet Cece's

Groupon has a deal right now for those of us in the greater Nashville area for 1/2 price at Sweet Cece's! Spend $5 and receive a $10 credit for 18 various TN locations. When you are there, ask for a free membership card, register it online, link to Facebook and then get a FREE cup for your next visit! My kids and I go here all the time so going for half price makes it even sweeter....more

Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie

Scrambling to have dinner served in 15 minutes? Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie is quick, yummy, simple and costs about id="mce_marker" a serving to make, feeding 4-6 people. There is no downside to this recipe! You can totally adapt it with ground beef if soy substitute freaks you out (it shouldn't) but it will make your cost rise as well as your cooking time. Ingrediants:1 Onion Diced1 TBS minced Garlic2 C Mixed Frozen Vegetables...more

Dollar Daunting Unraveled

Re-purposed Clothing

 Would you believe that this scarf was once a men's turt...more

Take A Bold Step

My son is officially walking now! He was in the bumbling baby steps phase for a while but he has decided it is much better to just stand up and go- as hard and as fast as his sweet little feet will take him. Watching his steps got me thinking about the parallel lesson here. I have moments in life where I am getting around just fine, although things can almost always get better. How often do I really make the most of things? How often do I become apathetic or numb to my state of being, not realizing how much better life can be?...more

Toddler Jesus: The Perfect Child

I have a very strong willed two and a half year old daughter whom I love to bits. I cannot place blame on her inherent personality trait without turning a nerve rattled finger towards myself. Don't get me wrong, she is the most nurturing and loving child I know. It's just when she is asked to do something she does not want to do that a problem tends to arise. My husband and I believe in discipline and giving our children healthy and respectful boundaries to operate in....more