Turkey's at walmart.......

A little birdie called me last night and told me that turkeys were $.40 a lb at walmart....Now by the time I got there they were gone, I was told they were only getting 8-15 per store. But I knew that starting last night they also had $.60 a lb honeysuckle turkey's. They will be getting about 20-40 of these per store, I got a 22lb turkey for a little over $14 with tax, I so wish I had checked my coupons before this, but was so excited, Because I also have a printed $1.00 off honeysuckle turkey purchase. Anyway just wanted to pass this on, Happy turkey eating !!!!!!...more

Christmas scaled back- Need ideas!!!

We have 4 year old twins with adhd, They were also born with trachial malaysia and had surgery, Our 2 year old was born with thyroglossal duct cyst, and is on and off of therapy to keep that at bay, until he is old enough for surgery. The last 3 were preemies, the twins 2 months preemie, and the baby was a month. I don't know why, and Im not sure if that was the reason that they had these congenital issues. Anyway, We have a ton of dr. bills. A ton....more

Skip To My Lou has great projects on it in general. I can't really sew (Deb Roby needs to ...more

Organizing feels good

My new passion, Organizing blogs. I have downloaded and printed out pictures of so many great organizing tips, I'm in heaven. I crave, I need more more more!!!!! I have done the livingroom and diningroom/schoolroom/computer room, and the kitchen. Need bathroom and bedroom tips, ideas,pics. Also my food storage is just in big need of help. It feels so good to get up in the morning, and atleast see the 3 front areas organized and neat and stuff so easy to find, I can't wait to get the rest of the house in order. Any ideas or websites would be greatly appreciated!!!!!! frugalredneck...more

Kids eat quiche????

Do kids really eat Quiche???...more

Some do and some do not. The least picky eater we have won't touch quiche because she does ...more