Let's talk about sex baby....a numbers game

I read a study or a poll of some sort in the news suggesting that married couples have sex on average once a week. Some even have regular 'dates' to make sure their marriage stays special. In the he said she said blog on babble Monica offers sage advice to just go for it and make your husband happy even if you aren't really that bothered. I always feel queasy when I read stuff like this because I know that my marriage isn't hitting those kind of stats. Once a month is a good month. Once every three months is more like it....more

Mommy friends

When I sprogged out baby number 1 I had just moved to a new city with a new husband and was jobless, friendless and scared shitless. I had never been around children growing up, none of my friends had had children and prior to falling in love and getting knocked up (I deplore and secretly love the violence of that term) I was touring as a stand up, drinking every night and bouncing around Europe....more

Can You Offer a Helping Hand Before a Judgmental Look?

I judged her, mother to mother, I judged her. I thought, hey, the lesson you are trying to impart could be done in a kinder way. A low voice, with a cuddle, speaking at his level, emphasizing the lesson not the anger. The anger and the bullying emanated through the change room's doors. I wanted to interrupt, knock on the door and say in the nicest way possible, can I help? Shall I watch him while you try clothes on? You seem stressed. What I can do to help?...more
 @clash1972 I agree!  Sometimes a knowing look, a "hang in there", or a "It's hard sometimes, ...more

Ain't no Mary Poppins here

I am sitting on the couch watching Ice Age 2 with my toddler. We have been up since 6am. I have changed my eldest son's sheets after an 'incident' and it is now 7:23am. It is the summer holidays and this seems to be our routine. We get up stupid early no matter what time they get to bed. Juice for the toddler. Wii for the 6 year old. Breakfast is cereal or a sandwich. Homemade pancakes every other morning provided the cupboard has syrup because essentially pancakes are syrup delivery systems....more

My kid is a wimp

I think my son is a wimp and it is hard to bear at times. He has two blisters on his heel and for the past two days he argues and debates about what shoes will cause the least amount of pain. He refuses plasters,won't wear his crocs, freaks out when he puts socks on. I don't remember ever freakn out about blisters or owies or scrapped knees but the slightest bump and he squeals. I know I sound like a douche bag but he is just so different from me that I find it hard to relate. My youngest is cut from my cloth more; tough, thickskinned, fearless......more


The pressure has been released. Summer vacation is here and I can finally spend more time with my two beautiful children. My lovely wonderful sons. I've missed playing with them in the day, lazing around in the afternoon, crafting it up with cool experiments like http://www.esta-uk.net/jesei/volcano/home.htm and being inspired by http://www.atomicshrimp.com/st/content/toffee_apples loads of blogs. Yet that isn't exactly the reality....more

Where the streets have no name

I know it's wrong but sometimes I close my eyes after a day longer than anything I could have ever imagined in my twenties...and I think I would like to escape. Simply leave my house and walk out the door and simply walk and walk and walk.I know. Not right. Not normal. Am on antidepressants. Husband knows. Shaking head with the absolute wrongness of the these feelings. But most nights I do, I wish away my blessings, I forget about the good stuff and I just want to disappear....more
Thinking of you during this time. Keep us updated.more

It's his party and I'll cry if I want to...

So I sent out the invitations 6 weeks in advance. Decided to only invite the boys to have more of a boys party and to watch costs. Others have done it so it seemed reasonable. Researched all the local 'kid friendly' places. Decided on a science centre with a great play area  as well. A bit further away from the usual haunts - true - but still only about 15 mins extra. I decided not to book the local hall and bouncy castle. Thank god I didn't because only 4 boys from school are coming!...more

My children's Nana made me a better child.

My mother is visiting from Canada; she arrived to help me after my hysterectomy which is nice but I must confess I was slightly dreading it. Our relationship has gone from childlike adoration to angry teenage outbursts and has moved into a caring but arms length, polite relationship. When my first born was almost three weeks late my mom had been there helping us get set up. My c-section was booked for 2pm. My mom decided to head home rather than stay and see him. It was a Friday and she had a dinner party planned....more

Has Becoming a Mom Made Me More Selfish?

I used to volunteer at least once a week. From the age of 15, I found that volunteering was a great way to develop skills, meet new people and gosh darn it, it made me feel great! I have worked in youth detention facilities, taught in the mountains of Thailand, helped in the Commonwealth games, dressed women who were re-entering the workforce, and tutored kids in after school programs in poor parts of New Zealand. Yet since having children I have not volunteered for anything really. ...more
You are investing in some great future citizens! Be proud :) I am, and I'm a mother of five!!!more