Credit Craziness

I never thought I'd say this, but sometimes it's very hard to spend money! The other day I put in a call to pay hubby's work credit card, which had racked up quite a hefty balance with an unusual three business trips in a month. Hotels, restaurants, cash, airport shuttle and parking -- the works.  I got an automated payment system and got busy punching in the account number and other information they needed. ...more

"I Know It Could All Go Away"

"I wake up every morning feeling lucky — which is driven by fear, no doubt, since I know it could all go away."  -- Natasha Richardson, actress, 1963-2009. ...more


Till lately, this meant birds singing on your windowsill. Now, it's friends gabbing on your computer. ...more

March 4th: Missing Gramma

Pretend I wrote this yesterday. That's the real anniversary. ...more

This Is the Year: 10 Steps For 2009

Doing New Year's resolutions on January 1st is so cliche. So I'm doing mine on March 3rd. (This gives me a chance to think out what I need and want rather than make knee-jerk declarations that I blow in a week.) This is the year: I learn a lifestyle that is healthier for my body, mind, and spirit. ...more

More Tales of the Baby

[Second in a series.For those just joining us, we are following the parenting adventures of 16-year-old Fudgeteen and his bouncing baby sack of ...more

Tales of the Baby

[First of a series] Just call me Grandma. Fudgeteen is now the father of a five-pound bundle of joy.OK, it's actually a five-pound bundle of flour. ...more

No More Eggs and Bread

It felt like a funeral. A local grocery store that has been around for several decades is closing next week -- yet another victim of the shattered economy. Now its employees must scramble to try to find other jobs. Meanwhile, a few shoppers are stopping in to wheel their carts around one more time and take advantage of closeout-sale prices of the few items left on the shelves.  ...more

This is really sad news.  You're right about nothing being safe or guaranteed.  It is a ...more

The Big Leap

Climb a mountain? Sure, sounds fun!  (Had I ever been up a mountain? Well, no, unless you count sitting in my parents' car on the Mount Washington Auto Road.) Youth is a wonderful thing. ...more

Good post!  Thank you for sharing!  I'm not sure why, but with age, we seem to lose our ...more