They Keep On Growing

One thing about parenting that I was not prepared for and in truth, never really thought about, is how quickly kids grow.  I am not referring to growing in years, learning to walk, talk, read, write (all of these also happen fast), but I am referring to physical growth. The rate at which my children out grow pants, sweaters and shoes amazes me....more

Another Step Towards Independence

Today marked another “mini-milestone” in my eldest son’s life. He is currently in Grade 1 and was invited to attend a friend’s birthday party (a Lego party which he was very excited about). Well, after a bit of discussion between my husband and me we decided it was time for our son to attend parties on his own. We would drop him off and pick him up. It was a two-hour party and just around the corner from our house. We have met the birthday boy’s parents, and the mom assured me parents of the invitees did not need to stay....more

Thanks so much for your comment. I agree it doesn't get easier. It's nice to share these ...more

Dress Up and Have Fun with Pretend Play

Over the holidays I have most enjoyed watching the boys play. It’s great to see the dynamics between them and now they include their littlest brother who is only 18-months old. While they received lots of Star Wars Lego as gifts (thank you everyone!) and other great toys and games, I was surprised to see what they have spent most of their holidays doing – pretend play. The importance of pretend play is something that is often overlooked in our busy lives. As parents we focus so much on development through activities outside the home....more

How to Make a Gingerbread House - It's That Easy!

Last weekend we made some really awesome gingerbread cookies. We had about half of the cookie dough left over, so I decided to attempt to make our first gingerbread house from scratch....more

One, Two, Tie My Shoe

This morning I took a step back and watched my six-year-old son as he was getting ready for school. I was overcome with the feeling that these past two months have been transformational for him. He is of course, my oldest and has gone through every major milestone first. His latest has been tying his shoes. I have noticed with many children that there are always small steps and accomplishments, but then every few months there is a big leap....more

Great Wolf Lodge, Niagara Falls - Indoor Waterpark Fun

Every year, during the week after Christmas and before the New Year, we head to Great Wolf Lodge Resort in Niagara Falls, Ontario. It has been a tradition for us for the past 4 years and one we will continue till the boys are older. Fort Mackenzie at Great Wolf Lodge, Niagara Falls ...more

The Best Part of My Day

If you have been following me on Twitter or Facebook then you know that today was my first day back at work after 18 months at home with the kids....more

3 Hours of Homework – Where’s Family Fun Time?

For the past month we have had my husband’s cousins living with us. They are both in high school with one in grade 9 and one in grade 11. It has been my first experience with teenagers, as I am used to my boys who are all under the age of 7. His cousins are great kids that are well behaved. They love to play with the boys and even try to help out around the house. I have been pleasantly surprised that these teenagers are not the stereotypical rebellious, egocentric or irresponsible teens they portray in the media....more

Thank you for your comment. The kids are working hard, but I do not think they are doing more ...more

An Account of His Day

For the last two months a secret pleasure of mine has been the time from when I pick up my four-year-old son from kindergarten to the time we get home. We live close to the school, and he attends kindergarten for half the day. A few minutes before his release time I pack up the baby, strap him into the stroller and walk to my son's school....more

Dinnertime Rush

Sometimes kids can be so unpredictable. They say or do something you would never expect them to. Other times they can be so predictable that you can give a play-by-play of their actions. This is the case with my boys every day starting at 4PM and here’s the play-by-play. It begins with the eldest approaching me quietly and nonchalantly asking me what I plan to make for dinner. I tell him, and satisfied, he continues to play with his brothers....more

We have a menu on the fridge as well, but following it is not always easy. Your meal plan site ...more