I found my office! And my tax receipts.

I crack me up. I told myself “I was taking Sunday off’. It ended up being one of my BIGGEST...more

PJ 263 – salvaged junk hearts

Welcome to Party Junk 263 –...more

Tips on designing an old sign themed paint studio

When I first challenged myself with Heap of Change, all I really expected to do was declutter. But I’m SO GLAD I pushed myself to the extreme in this area. I’m so pleased with the outcome! ...more

Files full of memories

I’ve said it before, and you’ll probably hear me whine 100 times more…...more

Refinishing wood with wax and hemp oil – a comparison with project samples

Happy Monday to you! And boy did I need a day of rest on Sunday. I’ve been steady on purging my downstairs area, and it’s really kicking me ....more

PJ 262 – upcycled link party

Welcome to Party Junk 261 –...more

When BE is enough

There was a knock on the door today I didn’t expect. First, the delivery driver apologized for waking me up....more

A new paint station area for Heap of Change

My friends, I have been BUSY! But, first things first… Welcome to the offcial Heap of Change post! The place where you get to see what I’ve been up to, we get to see what you’ve been up to, and what 4 other junkers have been up to! ...more

Blog survey results – what you do and don’t like

I kinda think one of the best, if not bravest things a business can do, is host a survey for their readers / customers. My reason for hosting a survey was...more

First things first… a little repurposed organizing

Is everyone super busy with their purging? Oh boy… things have been moving full steam ahead here. But… ever notice how one thing leads to another?...more