Living (close to) a Cabin Life with bathroom storage ideas

Yesterday I spent a day at the beach. It was so nice to sit on a chair, with a mocha frappucino...more

6 – Why you need to visit Paia, and other Maui tips

This weekend I tried something new. Many years ago I use to frequent auctions. A kind reader (thanks Louise!) just...more

PJ 253 – upcycled trays

Welcome to Party Junk 253 – upcycled trays Every Friday, 7PM through Sunday 11 PM Pacific Hello, hello friends!...more

Learn it, buy it, make it! and an update


Junk for sale, with a toolbox workshop at Crafty Affaire

Awhile back, Ginna from Crafty Affaire asked if I’d be interested in hosting a workshop at her vintage show. Right in my home town! I loved the idea! ...more

A milk painted pallet wood tray in tricycle

When neighbour Janette asked if I’d custom make her a red tray, I kinda sorda listened. She requested that it be around 18″ x 18″. So going through my stash of pallet wood, I came close and dry fit the above together ....more

All about pallets

Welcome to Party Junk 252 -...more

My last truck

Today was a rather big day. It started like any other… I just went to work, and then came home again.But what made today different was, I gave notice. I just...more

How to marry high tech with an upcycled twist

When I was looking for furniture to marry my upcycled take on the world, it just wasn’t happening. There was nothing out there that could execute my love for reclaimed. So I took it upon myself to make it happen ....more

PJ 251 – an upcycled link party

Welcome to Party Junk 251 -...more