The heap of shame challenge. January. Wanna play?

Bedroom Dearest house… This time of year is a tad traumatic for a blogger. In the mess sense of course. I had plans to clean you up today ....more

Conditioning rusty metal

Whenever I land a piece of rusty metal, I like to condition it with something. For the most part, I keep a satin spray sealer on hand to do just that. I like to seal or treat rusty metal: So it’s easier to clean ....more

PJ 256 – Salvaged Christmas wreaths

Welcome to Party Junk 266 –...more

How I mentally file inspiration

Today I had it made in the shade. I had just rolled up my sleeves and was going to kick up some real DIY Christmas dust… when the phone rang. My son’s retainer (braces thing) snapped, so...more

Happy New Life… with a Christmas decor recap

Old windows Christmas fireplace mantel With every Christmas season approaching, I always have this vision. The Christmas spirit will one day just explode! Our days will be filled with Christmas music, fluffy...more

PJ 265 – 130+ salvaged garlands, Christmas and all season

Welcome to Party Junk 265 –...more

Zonked out from all that cat popularity

These two are getting more attention than my own ramblings and projects lately. So much so, they needed a nap from all the virtual autographs today....more

How I shop outdoors for Christmas decor

‘Tis the season to bust outdoors to find all Christmas decor’s finest! It was a really chilly day. With temps near or on zero, I bundled up good, grabbed my gloves, and head out to a strip of road known for the best fallen tree finds ....more

Shutter priority where cats are concerned

Every so often, my furry friends stay still long enough to capture on film. But that isn’t generally the case. They still love to happily dart from one side of the house to the other ....more

Shutters – a cheater photography background

Did you notice I used some old shutters...more