PJ 268 – an upcycled link party

Welcome to Party Junk 268 –...more

How to 2 colour stencil featuring a bingo board key organizer

Are you a key loser like me? If so, this cute Bingo board styled key organizer could be your next DIY! Wait till you see just how easy this one is… you can make this in under an hour! ...more

Historic Route 66 stencil with pallet wood storage cabinet

With my speaking engagement fast approaching on Saturday, I belted out another project as part of my speech. It appears that this week on the blog is gonna be signs. Next week a dollhouse ....more

How to build a reclaimed wood crate

Hello there crate woodworking...more

How to stencil featuring a pallet wood crate

At LONG last… I have a few surprises for you today! First of all, my brand new shiny Old Sign Stencils store is open, and stocked with new designs! Think BINGO and ROUTE 66… fun stuff! ...more

PJ 267 – a salvaged junk link party

Welcome to Party Junk 267 –...more

Where in the world would you travel to next?

“I want to go to Fiji!” That comment came so out of left field from my son, I didn’t even know which way to turn to catch...more

Upcycled bookshelf dollhouse – the floors go in

Have you been curious about an upcycled dollhouse update? I wasn’t completely sure if I should just hang tough for a final reveal, or take you along for more of the...more

Is an iPhone 6 + really worth it?

We were still in Disney for Christmas. But in between the luscious dole whips and the frenzy of The California Screamer, my son blurted out, “Mom, I can’t wait to go home!” Still chomping on my churro, (or was it Mickey Mouse pretzel) my brow pulled a puzzled why now… “Say what?! Why? ...more

PJ 266 – an upcycled link party

Welcome to Party Junk 266 –...more