Protect Your Children

As a single parent of a 9 year old son, I know that my main responsibility is to protect my son at all costs. I realize there are certain things I can’t shield him from once he leaves the house to go to school in the morning, but outside of that, I would never put my child in harms way. ...more

We were foster parents for a number of years.  We ended up adopting 3 of our foster children ...more

My Greying Love Below

Today started out as a pretty normal day. I woke up, showered, grabbed a bite to eat and decided not to head into work. I planned on only spending a few hours working from home and then head out to run some errands. Around 10 a.m I wrapped up everything I was doing and decided to head out. Something told me to stop by the bathroom before I left because I had two bottles of water and some grapes for breakfast (how appetizing). ...more

Was the first color that popped into my head when I thought about which one I'd want to use!more