We know him, we watch him on youtube. Its ... its ... ITS ... CRAZY FROG!!! Now he's kicking it DJ style. Look at the this video and please comment to me if you like it or seen it before: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAUjnZ9YhxU&feature=related It can't get any more crazy than that....more

The world is dying!

The world is so peaceful. Why can't other people not see it? People just leave thier trash where ever they think is a good spot. Is this really how the world works?  If we don't change, we may end up like pluto. We could all end up dead. Do you think that we could do something about this?  We can all help pick up, and help the Earth. Please comment if you think that you can help. Please do so. There is no wrong answer....more

We need to save the world.

We have leaving trash all over the place. We need to stop this.People have been saying that the world is going to end by 2012. If the other countries can do it, we can do. People needs a clean world to live in. If there's no world, there's no us. Lets help the world. Lets help the human race. We are human and we can do what ever we want.  We can do something about this. We can help the world be clean once more. We can save our lives. Now, who's with me? We can do anything we put our mind to. Please comment. It would mean a lot if ya did....more

We are the world 25 for haiti

Haiti needs us. Lets help Haiti form far and near. We are not mean people. We have grace, peace, and friendships all over. People are dying in Haiti, and we can help them. We can save them. We can do something about this. Please comment. Haiti is out there, hungry, homeless, hopeless, cold. We can do something about this. So please....more

We are all the world!

Lets all love the world. We are all a part of, Gods great big family. There are people dying all aound the world. We can stop this. One way or the other. please comment if you like it or not. It is true. please....more

This is what we all need to know about the world. Its a true what I say, so don't say that you ...more