Whatever Happens In Cabo…

never happened!!  (ba-dum-pum)  This is especially true if you go to Cabo San Lucas to soak up the sun and take an extended siesta all day on the beach, then repose by the pool, gorge on salsa and tortilla chips only to siesta in your room and tuck in early to catch Kourtney & Kim Take Miami on E! Latino.  [...] ...more

Resort Report: Fringe, Ruffle & Neon Bikinis

Dearies, this is the third time I have attempted to write this post.  Perhaps this attempt will be the charm.  Every year, around the time that my boots get damaged by salty slush, I have to scrape the ice off my windshield and my hair turns to icicles if I don’t properly blowdry, I like [...] ...more

New Year’s Dresses Fit for a Czarina

OMFG! What happened to us? A crazy work schedule and a full social calendar in December.  It’s my fault.  But I promise, I will return with more frequent posts filled with witty repartee.  Of late, I am extra obsessed with party frocks.  Confession:  When I find a really great dress, I let the devil on my shoulder win, [...] ...more

Got Secrets Can’t Leave Cancun

I have a slew of friends who are packing their luggage for warmer destinations come mid-December.  There is only one word: jalouse! (that’s jealous in French). Recently, at our annual fashionistah holiday brunch, we reminisced about our university graduation trip to Cancun. A few years later, older and wiser, I went on a girls vacation with my [...] ...more

Rolling In Sequins

It’s that time of the year again — party time!  Ooh, I am a naughty blogeress.  I blame my blogging blackout on my overstuffed social calendar.  I am quite partial, fond, obsessed with clothing that looks as though I accidentally got slimed on You Can’t Do That On Television, but in lieu of green slime, [...] ...more

Shoetie Is The New Bootie

But if anyone asks, a shoetie is really a bootie.  More specifically, the kind of bootie that ends at your ankle. It has a nice lyrical flow and rrrrrrrolls off the tongue, non?  Before the streets fill up with slush and snow, Fall is the best time to invest in suede or leather booties.  Much like a leather [...] ...more

Katy Perry: Part of Me

Part of any long weekend must involve laying on the couch watching a movie. Lately, my cinematic choices have been of the musical variety.  Pitch Perfect, anyone?  Stop pretending you don’t love coming of age comedies, an acapella No Diggity riff-off and the comedic stylings of Rebel Wilson.  But I majorly digress… A few months ago, I went [...] ...more

Channel Ally McBeal After 8pm

You know when you leave reallyx3 late from work and it’s pitch black outside?  It reminds me of episodes of Ally McBeal where she would come home, change out of her mini-powersuit into her flannel jammies and hallucinate that dancing baby.  Nostalgia.  You want to watch it now – Ally McBeal to the tune of Barry White Well [...] ...more

Sweater Weather

“It’s too cold, For you here, And now so let me hold both your hands in, The holes of my sweater.”  Sweater Weather, The Neighbourhood Dearies, what the heck happened to the summer?  Perhaps we’ve grown too accustomed to global warming and the blissful summer heat holding on like a Wilson Phillips song?  This morning, I tried to find a [...] ...more

More, More, More Fall Must-Haves

The reason why the September issue is a bazillion pages is that designers go all out for Fall.  Forget weight training, just go to the newstand and pick up a few magazines.  Heavy!  This is the best time of year to purge your closet (donate or give your friends some duds) and make room for a [...] ...more