I have the most amazing step-kids. Ever. The more time I have spent googling step-parents, step-moms, step-anything and everything I have realized that a lot of the material out there focuses on what happens when the kids can't or don't relate to you as a step-parent or if they are disobedient or blatantly rude to you and how YOU can handle it. A lot of the information is based on the step-parent taking a step back, letting the natural parent provide the discipline and being the one to make most, if not all, major decisions. ...more

The Age of Difference

The other day, I thought about the many ways I have changed in the 10 months since my stepson has been with us. Prior to him coming to live with us, I was the Mom of a 5 year old girly girl. I was the Mom of a little girl who had just started Kindergarten and I was a Mom who was learning this whole school thing as I went. I was routine at it's finest. Then. I was dropped into the middle of teenage-dom. I was facing a 13 year old in middle school - and he's a boy! ...more

Stress Management Savings Cards

We stopped by the grocery store for ground sirloin to grill out burgers. ALL we needed was ground sirloin. FAIL. And furthermore - does this really look like $67 worth of food? ...more

Free DNA

I pass this strip club everyday, to and from work. It looks as though they've recently remodeled the inside of their establishment, which apparently includes the addition of new chairs. ...more

Birth Story

With it being Baby Week, I thought I'd share my daughter's birth story with you. You know damn well, it wasn't without humor - these things seem to follow me everyone. It all started in a little place I like to call Mammoth Cave - Mammoth Cave, KY people - not the other mammoth cave. Remember, I haven't had the babe at this point - it's still of the non-mammothed size. ...more


Although I rarely like to shop, I am always in the mood for a good sale. There are two clear exceptions - Target and Barnes & Noble. I call Target the $100 store. Try as I might, I do not walk out of there under $100. I used to call it the $50 store but I'm obviously an over-achiever. Barnes & Noble is my other exception. I will pay for a good book or for a good author. I love to read and don't skimp - I know that the people that write books put in a huge amount of time and effort. ...more

My Other Hell...Garage Sales...

...BUT when you have thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon hundreds of dollars in lawyer fees and you have crap upon junk upon crap nice things to get rid of, you have a fundraiser garage sale. ...more

Camping - Pronounced H-E-L-L

It's that time of year. The time that strikes fear in plumbing using, electric loving females everywhere. Tis the season for camping. My husband loves to camp. He asked me to go camping during the "I'm still trying to impress you and show you that I will be the best wife EVER" phase and I agreed. And this first trip will forever be stamped in my brain as the camping trip from hell. Literally, when purgatory won't work - they make you camp. ...more

I HATE camping. Didn't as a kid, but now? No way.

 It's funny that I found this post ...more


I'm going to call this Theraputic Thursday. In which I admit to you a little of my OCD behavior. ...more

Mom's Day NOT Mother's Day

This is how I measure success as a MOM. ...more