Waxing, Shaving, Laser, Loose: What Do You Do About the Hair Down There?

We'll start with the problem: Hair. Sometimes ya just don't wait it in certain areas ... I've tried many different tactics to rid myself of the blasted stuff. ...more
You have had a lot of experience trying new things! Do you have a spa you go to regularly? I bet ...more

My Baby Bucket List

I never dedicated a post to this topic, and now that I'm mentally going back and forth on timing, and with pressure more than ever from my best friend--who first wanted me to wait to have a baby when she did... ...more

Future Mama Drama--Am I Alone?

I've seen countless articles full of advice for moms with kids. Especially for women who have young children--Potty training seems to be a difficult task. It's fun glancing at those articles, and possible storing a tip or two to pull out several years from now when that's a problem I'm having to tackle. It's fun to hear about pregnant women, advice on pregnancy and what to expect... ...more

No no no... Please NO!

We all want adorable little bouncy babies with bright eyes and squishy skin. I know it's taboo to say some kids are ugly, but come on.. You've just gotta admit that some kids just aren't as cute as others. According to this baby face generator my kid will look white, blond and lop-sided-cheeked. ...more

Still figuring this thing out but here I go!

Man! Ok, I made it past all the scrolling of tags. That's one still I'm still trying to learn about with this whole blogging thing. I sometimes think blogging comes naturally to me in a since. I love to write and connect with people, and it's a facinating personal way to do that online. I'm trying to decide about this BlogHer conference thing. This mental debate doesn't really fit with the topic of my blog so I'm blogging about my BlogHer quest here (and Twitter: http://twitter.com/babymakinmachin ). ...more


First off, I was nominated for Mormon Mommy Blog of the Month and I'm so excited and honored! Especially since I'm not even a mom yet and I blog about "my journey toward motherhood." I'm a new blogging like this, I just started a couple of months ago so I really don't have much of a following yet but I'd love it if you checked it out and voted for me here. ...more

Wow!! Your comment made my day! Thanks so much for voting! And for the link to your blog! ...more

My Blog... Blogging About My Blog

Lately I've been contemplating pregnancy. I'm a young woman (I'll be 23 next week) so a lot of people think (what's the rush?!). I don't know. Maybe it's the fact that most of my married friends have kids... Or that I've been married for four years... Whatever it is it's giving me the urge, and BAD! I'm not sure when my blog will come up in this list and I'm not sure how this thing works exactly so I thought I'd post a blog through this website and say hello! ...more

Hello! I'm new too!

I just joined this think literally 10 min ago! I wanted to say hi! I hope I can make frinds here and get some advice from all of you wonderful women! My blog is about preparing to become a mother. I've been marreid 4 years and am looking to start a family (with chilren) in the next couple of years. Along the way I'm writing about my findings, thoughts and goals and my internall battle between my career and mother instincts! But most of all I'm looking for advice, feedback and tips from other mothers, soon-to-be mothers and future mothers! ...more