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Want to add some rock n' roll excitement and entertainment to your family's life? Then don't miss the Imagination Movers' 2012 Rock-O-Matic Tour!  ...more

Almost Naked Animals, Volume 1 DVD #Review

Nothing makes the ChaosTwins giggle more than the mere mention of the word "underwear" or being "nakie"  Can you tell where this is going? Enter Almost Naked Animals. ...more

I'm a LUCKY lady!

Last night my husband and I rushed across Chicago's suburbs to meet up for a date night that I was very excited for. ...more

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Good morning!

Just a quick test post! ...more

Oh HI! I'm still here!



The weather here this summer has been awful - for some people.  People here in the midwest don't appreciate the heat and sun - but I am LOVING IT.  Every single hot bit of it.  I'm soaking in the vitamins, watching the crystal blue skies and the occassional fluffly little cloud float by. And bonus:  The heat and the humidity can end in some pretty amazing shows at night. ...more


He's on to ...more


He's on to ...more