To Have or To Have Not Thy Urinal

I recently posted on the topic of home urinals in my blog. So, what do others think? Is a urinal in the home something that is off-the-top (icky, way too male) or is it a practical addition and welcome life-style enhancement? The suggestion I put forth in my post was to put a urinal in the garage. No privacy there, but privacy never seemed to be an issue. (Certainly not, when the alternative seemed to be the corner flower bed.) Convenience, convenience, convenience. Perhaps it can go next to the bidet. ...more

I'm thinking maybe if it's in the garage then He can use the garden hose with a good, strong ...more

Being a Part of History at the Ballpark

“Hi, I just landed.” —me, from the airplane, landing at Lindberg Field, San Diego. “Oh, man! It’s extra innings did you hear what happened?” —Paul, from PetCo Park, Saturday night, August 4, Padres vs. the Giants. ...more