I thought about a 'scale-free summer' for about a hot minute ...

Do NOT show me another miracle diet. I am doing MY plan and it appears to be working ....more

Tunes for Tuesday: Home, by Ingrid Michaelson

I listened to this album on the plane ride home Sunday. I also frequently listen to it when working out. It's pretty chill but up-tempo enough for working out ....more

I left 3 pounds in California

You can enjoy yourself while on vacation and even indulge now and then without dreading the scale once you get home ....more

Words of Wisdom Wednesday, from Dwyane Wade

This week's quote looks really different because I'm not near my computer so I created this on my phone. But I really wanted to share this today ....more

A funny thing happened on the way to the bariatric surgery forum

I thought that weight-loss surgery was the answer, but the intro session left me questioning my decision ....more

Tunes for Tuesday: This is the Day, by The The

Had this song playing in my head in the Avenue dressing room yesterday ....more

Choose your Points well, Grasshopper

Who has 2 thumbs and actually gained weight on Weight Watchers this week? ...more

Time to stop being a petulant food baby

It's nearly summer and time for a Summer of Success ....more