Let's make muffins for science!

PUFAs, MUFAs, and muffins -- let's give it a try ....more

Tunes for Tuesday: Flash Light, by Parliament

Sitting here amid lanterns, batteries and glow sticks, this is the first song that popped into my head. Be careful out there, East Coast! ...more

A pumpkin pie oatmeal bake that's worth the wait

It's autumn, so break out the pumpkin! Here's how to enjoy it for breakfast (or lunch or dinner) ....more

Tunes for Tuesday: Soy Yo, by Bomba Estéreo

As a former "weird little girl" who preferred roller skating and making forts in the vacant lot to more girly stuff, I just love this video. (h/t to Susana!): ...more

Stuff I Love: Fancy livin' for less at ALDI

Did you know ALDI was a treasure-trove of supercool, healthier, and fancy food items? Well, it is ....more

Chocolate-Hazelnut Yogurt Dip

Want a yummy dip for fruit that's a great source of protein, calcium and healthy fats? Try this ....more

'Don't even start.'

"Don't EVEN start." That's what I told myself last night around 10 p.m. And it sorta worked ....more

Tunes for Tuesday: Me Myself and I, by De La Soul

This song is currently making the rounds on a super cool back-to-school ad and it reminded me just how much I miss my De La Soul cassette tape. I need to get this into my iPod ....more

Becoming single-minded

This is going to be difficult but well worth it ....more