Tunes for Tuesday: Cake By the Ocean, by DNCE

Do you know how miserable it is to pull together Thanksgiving dinner when you've been sick for a week and just found out you have an ear infection? I need to go grocery shopping and start cooking but all I.. ....more

Tunes for Tuesday: Boom Boom Jellyfish, by DJ Jellyfish

I don't know what happened to the music selection at Planet Fitness. It used to be mainstream pop but the past couple months it's been nothing but D-list EDM videos, and they are very cheesy, but this one at least.. ....more

Are you 'fine' fine or 'Mary J. Blige fine-fine-fine-fine-fine-fine-OOOOH!' fine?

Big shout-out today to Roni and Carla and the #wycwyc podcast. I have some thoughts on "fine." ...more

Tunes for Tuesday: Lunatic Fringe, by Red Rider

As I was making coffee this morning and thinking about what passes for news, this song popped into my head. Please to enjoy: ...more

Calories and cataracts

Calories, comfort eating and seeing through the haze of everything ....more

Tunes for Tuesday: Hold My Hand, by Jess Glynne (MLB 2015 thank you video)

Every time I saw this ad during the World Series it made me smile. If you know me at all, you know I'm a baseball fanatic, and I hate when the season ends ....more

Need a topical Halloween costume? Try my Killer Bacon idea!

Bacon can kill you? Sounds like a great idea for Halloween ....more