Lipstick Trends

“Whoa, you’re…, wow…that’s a red lipstick,” said my snarky co-worker to me one morning passing in the hallway. I laughed it off at the time, and I’ve been thinking about lipstick a lot since then. I’ve looked around my office and to my astonishment hardly anyone wears lipstick at my office, which has a lot of women....more

Selfie Phenomenom

You're strolling along a ridge at the ocean during a beautiful spring day, the wind is blowing softly in your hair. The setting would make such a beautiful picture, you tell yourself. But since you're walking alone and no one is around to capture your radiance, out comes your phone and the camera app is activated. You toggle the camera so it's front facing, click, you're taking a selfie. You look at the photo and see that you're squinting, so click, click, click. Glasses on or off? Left or right side? Sultry, pondering, laughing?...more

What Olympic Sport Would You Choose?

Team USA Women’s Curling...more

Walt Disney World Top 10 Vacation Tips

In October my girlfriend Melissa and I went to visit my daughter who is interning with the Disney College Program at Walt Disney World. The week was filled with laughter and all things Mickey. If you want to enhance your vacation, I highly recommend the following tips from our trip....more

The Stars Aligned

The message read, “Triple D (A walk in the park) or Astrid & Israh. Pizza & beer on me! Gail from California. We are in loop E, space 55....more

Tweet Leads to $1M Investment

You see the following tweet and think to yourself, I have an idea for a start-up and need capital...Enjoy intimate cocktails with me in Miami on June 15th - $2,000 to charity. For details email:— richardbranson (@richardbranson)It sounds like an opportunity you have to take, but you're only 18 and can't drink legally, so you email the event coordinator and ask if there's an age limit. "No, as long as you have the $2,000, you can come."...more

The Reluctant Cook: Cowboy BBQ

Camping, camp fires, and camp cookouts bring out the cowboy in my chef. While on a recent outing, after a long day of fishing, hiking and a trip to the local store to replenish supplies, it was back to camp for a one-skillet grillin' t-bone steak.First off, my cowboy pre-cooked the potatoes, so after getting the fire just right, he heated them up along with the broccolini, then put them in the warming tray....more

Sierra Buttes Hike Along The Pacific Crest Trail

I will never do it again. NEVER. EVER. That’s what I told myself a couple years ago after I hiked to the lookout tower high upon the top of the Sierra Buttes. But here I was last week, grudgely agreeing to take our friends up, up, up to the top of the mountain, along the Pacific Crest Trail in Northern California....more
After meeting those inspiring girls, I decided to do my own PCT walk, virtually, with America ...more

We Chased Our Kids Off Facebook

 Have you noticed less interaction with your teen or college student on Facebook?  Why are they not posting photos or updates? Where have they gone?...more

The Perils of a Food Taster

 Adolf Hitler and mistress Eva Braun enjoying a meal.At the end of her life, Margot Woelk has decided to tell her incredible story as a young woman who was Adolf Hitler’s food taster....more