Girls Sports - Might your young athlete be trying TOO hard?

I’ll venture to bet that at some point, while watching a young kids’ sporting event or lesson, your attention has been drawn to one participant. Interestingly, this time it’s not because she is dominating or incredibly talented. Nor is it a behavioral problem or even a heroic effort. Rather this time it is because your heart is drawn to that one participant that is trying too hard.  ...more

Girls Sports - A Call to Parents for Action

  There seems to have been a recent slew of Title IX cases filed recently charging that school districts are not living up to their legal obligations to assure equality in sports opportunities for boys and girls. If these charges are found to have merit, it is quite disappointing that we are still waging this battle.  ...more

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Girls Sports - For the Good of the Team

Generally, the public glory in sports goes to the one doing the scoring. Starting so young in life, the girls who cross the plate, score the baskets, and put the ball in the goal are the ones who receive the loudest applause and praise. For the most part, the teammates are congratulated for playing a nice game. Only the parents who understand the sport and/or the attentive and knowledgeable coach or fan offer credit for great defense or that amazing assist....more

Girls Sports & Fitness: Grow With and not Against Your Body

As the athlete’s body undergoes changes, parents must guide their daughters to manage their physical expectations accordingly.  Specifically, help your athlete to grow with and not against her body.   For most parents, this statement may appear at first blush to be common sense.  And no question, it is. Interestingly, however, we tend to sometimes brush by the simple and logical without really stopping to think, consider, and execute. In this case, it behooves parents with young athletic girls to give this message more attention.  ...more

Girls Sports – Consider a Mouthguard to Protect that Cherished Smile

  As your daughter progresses to the more advanced levels of sports play, the “game” most definitely becomes more physical. Equipping her with the proper attire and protective gear therefore becomes much more important.   Besides the obvious such as proper footwear, consider goggles for lacrosse, shin guards for field hockey, active ankles (ankle guards) for volleyball, chest protectors for fastpitch softball, and so on. For many sports, the necessity of a mouthguard is all too often understated or forgotten all together.  ...more

Girls Sports - Build It and It Will Come - Patience Can Lead to Growth for your Young Athlete

BUILD IT AND IT WILL COME – PATIENCE IS KEY After just completing our 4th incredible 8-week summer camp session at Game On! Sports Camp 4 Girls, I came to notice a consistent pattern worth sharing....more

Girls Sports - Players are Made in the Off-Season

   TAKE IT FROM A COLLEGE ATHLETE             By Tracy Rainey, Senior, Lake Forest College             Captain of the Women’s Varsity Basketball and Softball teams   ...more

Girls & Sports - Alleviating those first day sports program jitters

  Game On! Sports Camp 4 Girlsemail: barb@gameonsportscamp.comwebsite:www.gameonsportscamp.comBlog: Sports Girl Talk ( Groups "Game On! Sports Camp 4 Girls" and "Game On Sports Girl"Twitter: "Game On Sport Girl"Girls Sports – Alleviating First Day Program Jitters March 17, 2010 by gameonsportscamp ...more

Girls and Sports - A Mentor's Advice

So I asked the captain if she had advice for young girls just starting out in sports and here is what she had to say:  ...more