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This is a sponsored post by Blackhawk Network. Holiday season has hit the stores and is a constant reminder that it’s time to plan for gifts, thank you’s, and pick me ups. Gift cards are the perfect gift for all occasions ....more

A look at Erin Condren 2015 planner

Becoming organized is so important to achieving some sort of balance in your life. I find that the more I use my Erin Condren planner, the less stressed I feel. I don’t always catch everything but it’s a great way to have a high level view of what is coming and to minimize surprises ....more

Accomplished 19 months breastfeeding

As pumpkin would sign…all done. After 19.5 months of exclusively pumping…we are done. I have a surgery on my hand which is going to make it near impossible to pump, so I figure it’s a good time to be finished ....more

The many moods of a toddler

I love Pumpkin more than I can ever put in words. But we have reached a stage in life where my adorable baby girl is replaced by an opinionated, stubborn and upset toddler. We are in the depths of toddlerhood and I have to say…it’s not fun ....more

Ju-Ju-Be Hello Kitty Release event @Ron Robinson

We are so excited because this Sunday from 2-4 pm at Ron Robinson, Ju-Ju-Be will be celebrating the new Hello Kitty collaboration release. Hello Kitty will even be at the event! We have seen glimpses below of what the collection is going to look like ....more

Wordless Wednesday

Hubby bought me a Samsung NX300 for my birthday, so every Wednesday I will be showcasing a picture from the last week. I’m determined to learn how to use it. ^_^ ...more

A look at Ju-Ju-Be Custom – Mini’d Super Be

Ju-Ju-Be bags are amazing. You all know about my love for them and as I get different bags from their line, I love to do packing videos to show how I use them. A theme for Ju-Ju-Be fans is that one can pack their diaper bag more efficiently by using a series of smaller bags to contain items ....more

Celebrate Back to School with Macy’s and Radio Disney

This Saturday, August 23rd starting at 2pm, Sherman Oaks Macy’s is hosting a Macy’s Back to School Radio Disney event. The yearly event pairs great music with the fun of back to school shopping. Pumpkin isn’t old enough for school yet, but she is starting a few new classes ....more

Gap Kids Class 2014

Gap Kids has launched a new contest for baby, toddlers and kids. All entries have a chance to be featured on a storefront. To enter you fill out the information and upload three of pictures of your child ....more

Bluum box review

I think this is our third Bluum Box and we have continued to be pleasantly surprised. The boxes seem to be tailored to her age. We keep getting items that are just too young for pumpkin from other subscription services ....more