It's true that January isn't my favorite....more

a New Year

We truly had a fantastic 2014! Colorado has become home to us and we love it here....more

Gardiners 2014

I am sort of cheap when it come to family photos....more

Christmas 2014



Christmas Eve 2014 Rocky Mountain National Park ...more

It's beginning to look...

Last Saturday the weather was just beautiful. The girls played outside for hours. Just after lunch GM bursted through the front door and yelled something about Santa and music and firetrucks....more


Thanksgiving took us to Utah this year to be with Easy's family. It's always fun seeing his siblings and parents interact with the girls. An extra bonus is that we also have little Luke to hold and play with ....more

Werkin It

2nd interview day. nov 7 Back in october E and I talked about my going back to work....more

November Girls

We have 2 birthdays in November that are about a week apart....more


If there is one thing us Gardiner's really know how to do; it is Halloween....more