We aren't really allowed to have chickens in our new neighborhood. Which makes me sad because we have these great fences here and a nice sized yard to house them. Plus I really really miss fresh eggs....more

Up to Date in ID

I feel like this is the first time in years that I'm actually up to date on The Dirt.Crazy because I feel like my life is currently (always) so busy that I shouldn't ever be up to date. We are learning that SW Idaho is beautiful. Particularly in the spring ....more


Back in February I had woken up around 4pm from my day-sleep after working the night before. I was in the kitchen getting ready to go back into work when Eric looked at me and softly said, "Hey babe, I have some bad news."...more

Spring Break 16

We went to my parents house in Nevada for the first part of spring break. I has just worked 3 shifts in a row so I slept in the morning then we took off that afternoon....more

Making it Ours

Our Idahome....more

Sunday Gardiners

Sunday Gardiners 3.6.16 ...more


Easter Girls...more

5 years RN

Back in February I celebrated (to myself in the elevator at work) 5 years of being a Registered Nurse....more

36 Easy Years

Last month Easy had another birthday....more

Jump Creek Thoughts

Early march brought green hills to western Idaho....more