Feel like a big lump of poop!

It has been over a week and a half since I worked out and I feel like a big lump of poop! I came down with a really bad cold that turned into bronchitis and it really wiped me out.  Then came the holiday week and Zumba was cancelled twice.  I know that none of these reasons are my fault, but I still feel extremely guilty over not working out! I never thought I'd actually say I miss it!...more

LapBand - Waste of $$

People have different opinions about the lapband, and that's cool but here is my experience with it.  July 2007 I got the lapband.  I paid 16,000.00 to have this surgery.  I thought it would solve all my weight issues.  At first they put the band on completely loose and then over time they fill it, (make it tighter) until it's as tight as it can go, or as tight as you are comfortable with.  They sell you a band with free fills for a year.  So, naturally you feel like you need to have it filled as much as possible in that first free year, otherwise it costs 150....more


Need more H2O YO!

Better choices today! Reduced-fat turkey bacon/egg white english muffin verses a gooey apple fritter.  Which tasted better you ask? Think about it!Salad for lunch instead of cheesesticks.  Raisin bran for dinner instead of culvers.  Zumba tonight instead of sitting on my ass.Overall a successful day!I'll weigh on Sunday...hopefully yesterday's choices are a distant memory on the scale. ...more

Spur of the Moment Bad Choices

Ever have a day of bad choices that get out of control, then by dinner you just say fuck it? That was me yesterday. I've been craving an apple fritter like crazy! I mean, I've been having dreams about this gooey, slightly crispy, apple filled piece of heaven.  Well yesterday morning on a whim I stopped and got this fritter.  I thought I was going to have a orgasm eating this thing.  I didn't feel guilty because I thought of it as a treat. ...more


My weight has always been an issue.  Ever since I can remember I've been on some kind of diet.  After all these years I've learned one thing...diets do NOT work.  Once you start focusing on what you're not supposed to be eating, that's all you want to eat! I started a new journey earlier this year where I stopped counting calories, fat grams, saturated fat grams, the works!I eat what I want but I do it in MODERATION! And, if I want a piece of cheesecake, I eat it.  I save up for a week for it, but I enjoy every single bite. ...more