Burly but Sweet Irish Coffee

-What you need to get through another family holiday.- We, like any barely functioning individual, like to mix our uppers with our downers. While ice cream sprinkled with a bit of Prozac is keen, an Irish coffee is by and far much more accessible and doesn’t require a prescription.The key to a really fantastic Irish coffee is brown sugar simple syrup - the musky flavor of the molasses in the brown sugar brings out the burly, peaty flavors of both the coffee and the whiskey. It’s blended in both the barely whipped cream and the coffee itself ensuring a properly stout coffee cocktail ....more

The Next Day: Chipotle Micheladas

-Time to wake up and take your medicine.- At some point in mid-blackout you made the surprisingly wise decision to stumble into a mini-mart for Mexican beer and Clamato juice. Good job. Gold star ....more

Seedy Bitches: Super Seedy Banana Bread

-Sometimes seedy is a good thing.- Hey there,Long time no see. I've been working 60 hour work weeks lately. Kill me, please.Also, I've been blogging like a crazy person writing about produce at About.com ....more

Sour: Pickled Sour Cherries

-Life is like a bowl of pickled cherries: sour and sweet.- I am a sour person. Not to mean that I'm unpleasant, but that I love sour foods. I'll go Granny Smith over Pink Lady any day, thank you.It's odd.. ....more

Bad Decisions: Five Spice Coconut Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

-A perfectly good way to torture yourself on a sweltering day.- For the most part we actively decide against making bad decisions. We're taught to do so by both society and our own experiences. -That pan is hot ....more

Sick: Gochujang Egg Flower Soup

-Also a con: pictures suck because it's, like, 10PM and I can barely...more

Roommate Hunting + Recipes!

-And no people who don't...more

Chaos By Choice: Polenta Fruit and Jam Cake

-Tasty cakes for when things are literally being torn down around you.- My bare feet are currently covered dust. Ceiling dust, mind you. Let's be very specific ....more

Passover Potluck: Honeyed Kumquats

So this thing right here. This.You want this.Kumquats preserved in honey.It is all that it sounds to be. Sultry, sexy, seductive ....more

Wine and Cheesy Poofs

-Cheesy poofy goodness.- "I'm bringing champagne," might well be the most uplifting sentence in the history of mankind.I have a few friends who work in wine, and Chris - who brings me champagne and the occasional rose of interest - is one such person. He's a former opera singer turned semi-professional sommelier who both adores and despises his line of work. When it comes to enological knowledge he's a man that - by the young age of late-twenty-something - has earned his stripes.Even better is the fact that he's rather blasé about his line of work - which is a good thing, I think ....more