Moving On: New Blog & New Cookbook

So it's been a while since I've posted here. My apologies for that. But, then again, it's because I've been blogging elsewhere.I started Vanilla Garlic one day ten years ago when I wanted to practice my writing ....more

Talking Trash: Blackberry and Buckwheat Scones

- Scones are sort of a brunch band-aid for when you and someone in your group has been involved in a shadowy game of throwing shade. A peace offering, of sorts. They're an edible version of, “I’m sorry I called you a dirty hooker behind your back to all of our friends, even though I totally caught you giving head on the stairwell at the club to that Slavic drug dealer ....more

Coconut Macadamia Macaroon Pancakes

Oh yes, that's right. I forgot I had this recipe. It's one that I think you'll enjoy ....more

New E-Cookbook Announcement: Stewards of Spirits

Sweet lordy, I've been gone a while. But I have reasons. Good reasons ....more

Burly but Sweet Irish Coffee

-What you need to get through another family holiday.- We, like any barely functioning individual, like to mix our uppers with our downers. While ice cream sprinkled with a bit of Prozac is keen, an Irish coffee is by and far much more accessible and doesn’t require a prescription.The key to a really fantastic Irish coffee is brown sugar simple syrup - the musky flavor of the molasses in the brown sugar brings out the burly, peaty flavors of both the coffee and the whiskey. It’s blended in both the barely whipped cream and the coffee itself ensuring a properly stout coffee cocktail ....more

The Next Day: Chipotle Micheladas

-Time to wake up and take your medicine.- At some point in mid-blackout you made the surprisingly wise decision to stumble into a mini-mart for Mexican beer and Clamato juice. Good job. Gold star ....more

Seedy Bitches: Super Seedy Banana Bread

-Sometimes seedy is a good thing.- Hey there,Long time no see. I've been working 60 hour work weeks lately. Kill me, please.Also, I've been blogging like a crazy person writing about produce at ....more

Sour: Pickled Sour Cherries

-Life is like a bowl of pickled cherries: sour and sweet.- I am a sour person. Not to mean that I'm unpleasant, but that I love sour foods. I'll go Granny Smith over Pink Lady any day, thank you.It's odd.. ....more

Bad Decisions: Five Spice Coconut Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

-A perfectly good way to torture yourself on a sweltering day.- For the most part we actively decide against making bad decisions. We're taught to do so by both society and our own experiences. -That pan is hot ....more

Sick: Gochujang Egg Flower Soup

-Also a con: pictures suck because it's, like, 10PM and I can barely...more