The Do Everything B*tch: Ronda Rousey on Her Body Being Too Masculine

MMA fighter Ronda Rousey recently fired back at critics in a UFC video promoting her August 1 fight with Bethe Correia. Some see Rousey’s body huge and masculine. On the contrary, she sees every muscle on her body as having a meaningful purpose and not just simply something to be looked at: [6:09]...more

Back on the Saddle: Training for My Next Triathlon, After Two Kids

I've been spending my early mornings, lunch breaks, and late evening training for a triathlon. It's been over two years since my last race. And now with two young kids,  I'm determined to get back in the water, my running shoes and, yes, on the bike saddle....more

2012 Election Results: My Five Big Hopes for the Next Four Years

After all the campaign attacks and ads, I do believe our commonwealth is a work-in-progress. Hopeful of our President’s promise--to return to the White House more inspired and more determined about the work we need to do and the future that lies ahead--here are my five hopes for the next four years:1.  The American people will reject the flawed argument that government and its workers cannot be an agent for good in this country....more

MD Question 6: Hailing Gay Marriage

Maryland voters will be voting on Question 6, to approve or reject the Civil Marriage Protection Act, which would allow same-sex couples to obtain a civil marriage license and protect clergy and religious institutions from having to perform any particular marriage ceremony in violation of their religious beliefs....more

Love Change and the Changing Seasons

At the start of November and Daylight Savings Time, here in the East Coast, temperatures have dropped drastically. The leaves have finally fallen, winter coats have been taken out of storage, and most of us are experiencing our first winter gas bill hike.The winter months arrive too soon, leaving me ponder where the year went. Add extreme changes in weather to my already delicate emotional state, no wonder why some of us are hit with a case of the winter blues!...more

Mi Cultura, Mi Gente, Mi País: Why the Pride?

When her first daughter was born, she had a sudden desire to raise her in the same manner that she was: immersed in Puerto Rican traditions. She spoke to her in Spanish. Her husband–as someone who grew up in a very Anglo, English-only lifestyle–didn’t understand why she was trying to keep these traditions alive in her life and her children’s upbringing. We are Americans. We speak English. Why separate yourselves? He asked. Do you remember the sweet smell of your grandmother’s cooking? She asked. Or of your mother’s perfume? The sound of your father’s records playing in the distance? ...more

Living an Extreme Dream

My father, the explorer of all things web, recently shared a TED talk from long-distance swimmer Diane Nyad....more

Planning our “Second” Wedding: Why Validate Our Marriage in the Church?

The Hubby and I decided recently to have our marriage blessed by the Catholic Church.Dating since college, we had planned  on getting married eventually but certain factors complicated the matter….like Mother Nature. A surprise pregnancy, more exactly. Given our time limitations, we decided to get married in city hall, surrounded by our closest friends and family, and six-month pregnant....more

Gallstones, Risk Factors and Putting My Health First

A few weeks ago, I was awaken by a sharp pain by my ribcage and in the back.  Thinking it was just heartburn, I took some antacids and tried to go back to sleep. But I couldn’t.In the morning, I spoke with my father, who was clearly concerned by the pain I described--a pain I unfortunately had been ignoring for several days, believing it was simply indigestion.Sounds like gallstones. You need to be seen right away!Worried by his prognosis, I made a few calls and made my way to the emergency room....more