Like Mother, Like Daughter

Had an appointment with my homeopath today. She always manages one pithy comment that really catches me. I was saying, "I don't know why I worry so much about my daughter; you'd think she was a drug addict or a homeless kid." She said, "You worry about her because she's like you." I had to think about that. Why does it take somebody else pointing out something as obvious as a wart on my nose for me to see it? Uh, did you know there's a humongous growth right in the middle of your nose? No! Really? ...more

I Don’t Know Beans

about God and if somebody says they do, I am very skeptical. (I didn’t make that beans bit up, it came from Annie Dillard in For the Time Being). The itsy bitsy specks I know about God come from my own experience, and since God doesn’t make a habit of speaking to me on a daily basis, they are few. Please read the rest here: ...more

I'm Really Skinny–No, REALLY Skinny

I know it’s verboten to complain about people commenting on your weight if you’re skinny, but I’m going to do it anyway. I was at Coldwater Creek one day buying a dress and the woman at the counter felt a need to tell me, “You’re really skinny.” Oh? I hadn’t noticed. I said, “Yeah.” She said, “No, really skinny,” with about two hundred pounds’ emphasis on the “really.” Please read the rest here: ...more

Oh My Gaaawd, I’ve Become By Stepmother

How is it I've ended up the one thing in the world I never, never wanted to be? (Besides poor planning, lack of confidence, educational deficiencies, laziness.) I swore I would NOT be like my stepmother. Not ever. I despised everything about her, starting with the fact that she stole my dad from his family and ending with the fact that she was a doozy of a doormat. (Of course, I was a teenager, and only slightly under the influence of hormones and Evil Thought Disorder.) Please read the rest here: ...more