Alex you ARE a super hero!

In the last two years we have done some future planning with Alex. We have used the PATH process to help Alex articulate her dreams for her future and the steps needed to make these dreams positive and possible. ...more

My two cents on education

When Alex was born 19 years ago we lived in a well-funded school district. Services and supports were available from her birth until she started kindergarten. These services were provided by a cooperative of special education districts and were my first teachers. At age four Alex was dually placed in a special education program and a local pre-school for two years....more

Our Thanks for 2012: A Bright Future, A Changing System

When I was a little girl I was often asked “what do you want to be when you grow,” and although my answer changed often -- and still does change -- many of my dreams for my future were realized. When asked what Alex “wants to be when she grows up” she answers just like I did. She wants to have a husband, a job and lots of friends. She wants to play sports and participate in community activities, she wants to choose her own future and be a part of it. We will honor this. But for many of our young adults today, choice has been compromised....more