The Suckage Of Sequels: And Why I Wrote One Anyway

Sequels suck. I get it. And if they don’t suck, well, they pale in comparison to their predecessors. Oh, people may argue against this. They will point out The Godfather and The Godfather 2 (the movies, not the books) as a Glowing Example of the second surpassing the first (they will never mention the Disaster That Was The Godfather 3). Or maybe The Empire Strikes Back over Star Wars (which I disagree with; Star Wars was better, and those first three prequels, don’t even get me started. Jar Jar Binks. Really?!) But these are the exceptions, not the rule. So why in heaven’s name would anyone go out and write a sequel? Especially to a book that initially wasn’t planned as a series? To a book that didn’t seemingly need a sequel? To a book like If I Stay? ...more
When your readers want more and your characters convince you that there is more, how wise you ...more