What Eighth Graders Think About Women and Computer Science

On the last day of the 2015 edition of my week-long mini-course (Computer Science and Games: Just for Girls!), I held a discussion about women in computer science....more

Mini-Course 2015: Survey Results

Another May, another "Computer Science and Games: Just for Girls!" mini-course on the books....more

Two Semesters Teaching CS2 With C++ and Java

As you may recall, I have been experimenting with a CS2 design that teaches both C++ and Java in a single semester....more

Spring Research Update

It's been a while since I last did a research update. With spring (sort of) arriving, there's no better time to reflect on a winter's worth of hard work. First / Dean Gugler...more

One Instructor's Flipped Classroom Philosophy

Earlier this month, our Education Development Centre hosted a teaching round table on the flipped classroom....more

Review / Ruby Wizardry: An Introduction to Programming for Kids

I think story is a powerful way to teach computer science....more

A Comic About Grace Hopper

Ramya from Udemy shared a neat little comic with me about Grace Hopper, and said I could share it here....more

How Gameplay Affects Stories in Games

I am very interested in the role of storytelling in videogames....more

On Completing a PhD Proposal

In Mid-December, my PhD thesis proposal was accepted, leaving me ABD ("all but dissertation"). It was quite the journey to get there, and I have some hopefully useful insights to share from the experience. if you've ever wondered.. ....more

An Update on Our CS2 Experiment with C++ and Java

Back in September, I reported on an experimental course design I was trying out for our CS2 class....more