Technology and How It Is Evolving Storytelling in Our Entertainment Experiences / GHC14

What luck! An invited technical speaker at GHC wants to talk about storytelling and games! As Bonnie Ross' abstract states, "stories spill into every aspect and facet of our lives; narrative leaps between nations, and stories span devices, media and demographics ....more

Games to Get Girls Interested in Programming, and Animation for Music and Dance Games / GHC14

I started my last morning of GHC with two presentations in the GFX track, which covers games and graphics....more

The basics of contributing to open source with GitHub / GHC14

My first session after the plenary opener was about how to use GitHub, presented by John Britton....more

C++ and Java Together in CS2: Will it Be Great or a Disaster?

I've been trying something a little bit different for our CS2 class this semester....more

How Beyond the Code Attendees Found Their Spark with Anita's Quilt

Recently, Shopify put on a super cool conference called Beyond the Code....more

Cool New Science Show for Kids on TVO

I recently checked out the pilot episode for a new science show that premiered on TVO called Annedroids....more

Be a GHC Community Volunteer and Change Your Life

You should sign up to be a volunteer community note-taker or blogger by our new deadline of September 8....more

This Year's Design for 'Computers for Arts and Social Science Students'

I've been working on our non-majors computing course for a while now....more

Gram's House Project Team Receives Two NSF Pathways Grants!

Gram's House is a research project I started several years ago with a prototype originally designed for Microsoft's Imagine Cup competition....more

I recently wrote

I recently wrote to the author of a book I love, Think Like a Programmer....more