French Fries Veg Salad in Garlic Sauce

If U buy in KFc,U get loads of French Fries which most of us keep it untouched.U can do salad with it -the best side dish for Chapati or any non-veg dishes or U can have it alone.It can accompany Biryani,pulao or fried rices like raita.Very tasty tea time salad for the kids.Best done with french fries or shallow-fried potato pieces with other Veg and garlic sauce. Try this Salad at home.Enjoy L(E)azy cooking with ur family. Bon Appetit! Visit ..

Home-made Sambar Powder

Home-made Sambar Powder This recipe gives u an aromatic Sambar powder of south TamilNadu.Tastes so good to do Sambar with it.With the given ingredients,U will get 3 tsps or 1 tbsp Sambar powder with this quantity.U can do Sambar twice that week with this Sambar powder and grind it afresh again next week for the Lentils Curry..Visit ......more

My Kitchen Flavors - Bon Appetit!

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