Aunt CompSci Wants YOU!

Can social media inspire more young women to explore computer science? It’s an idea Jocelyn Goldfein, a Director of Engineering at Facebook, discussed in an interview with the Seattle Times a few weeks ago. Bringing more visibility to the women who built popular features like the news feed and photo viewer could interest teenage girls in tech-related careers, she says. I’ll admit that it’s a start, but I think it’s going to take much more than that. ...more
Ruth and Kristin - you make great points. High school is very late to start getting women ...more

Is Privacy Just an Act?

I keep trying to write something up about the recent New York Times article on how Target gleans information from shoppers to better, well, target them as customers....more
I feel like a lot of us have just given up and given in. In Target and online, whatever you do ...more

So soon?

This past weekend, Kiddo had his first encounter (that I know about) with bullying. It was pretty minor in the scheme of things: Kiddo wanted to play on a piece of play equipment, the other child pushed Kiddo around a bit and then held onto Kiddo’s shirt when he tried to get away. I intervened–not without some angry words, I confess–and a few minutes later Kiddo was off playing somewhere else, happy again. Meanwhile, I simmered about it, and spend the next half hour trying to pinpoint the other child’s parents, although I honestly don’t know what I would have done if I’d figured them out.I was pretty sure that it had affected me more than it had affected Kiddo, but apparently he was still thinking about it, because that night at bedtime he brought it up again. I’d settled him into his bed and turned off the light, when out of nowhere Kiddo said “That boy wasn’t very nice.”...more

Noise pollution right here at home

Oh my god. The noise. Make it stop.It's not that my son has noise-making toys that he likes to play with. I don't mind that. Or at least, I wouldn't mind it (much) if only he'd play with just one at a time....more

Snow Day

Last week we had a record-breaking snowstorm in the Seattle area. There had been snow on and off for the previous several days, but on January 18 the official measured snowfall was 6.8 inches. That’s almost 2 inches more than the average annual snowfall around here....more

A domain of my own

After a year and a half of (intermittent) blogging on WordPress, I finally decided to become official. Last week I bought the domain name Of course, the old URL--my address--still works too, so if you've become accustomed to that, there's no need to mess with your bookmarks bar.Why .net instead of .com? Oh, it probably has something to do with when I took my first Networking class, back in the fall of 1995... ...more
Hello there, Jessica! Very interesting post. Good to know the system for all of "this"...or the ...more

Imagine This

Sunday night, we rode home from the grocery store in a bulldozer. The piles of dark-colored blankets and pillows on the floor are water, perfect for swimming around in, as is the pile of wrapping paper in the living room left over from New Year’s Day. Those Duplo constructions parked on a Rubbermaid tub in the studio? Airplanes waiting at the airport.You can, I hope, guess which member of our family is the creative mind behind those discoveries. Our young sir Kiddo has quite an imagination spinning in that head of his....more

Attn: Bureau of Weather Regulation

To Whom It May Concern,I am writing to lodge a complaint against the current deliverables from your Seattle Metro Area regional department. My dissatisfaction extends back for most of the past six months, but what we have received lately has been especially undesirable....more

Do I think we're crazy? Possibly.

Parents are weird.Parents do things that are illogical, nuts, and in direct opposition to their own self-interest. Anyone who didn’t know that someone was a parent would really be scratching their head over some of the things that the person does....more
@victorias_view Wouldn't change it for the world. :)more

Have your cake and let others eat too

I’m sitting here in front of the television, enjoying some fabulous citrus shortbread from cookcraftgrow. Earlier this evening my husband and I shared some homemade Twinkies, and accompanying my lunch today were delectable langues de chat (Cat’s Tongues) from Pâtissière in Progress. We’ve got even more treasures on the kitchen table waiting for their turn on our taste buds.This bounty comes to us by way of Will Bake For Food, a food blogger bake sale that helps fight hunger in the Seattle area. In 2010 the event raised close to a thousand dollars and collected almost a ton of food for Northwest Harvest, a Seattle-area food bank. This year, more than $2500 and several barrels of food went to the Emergency Feeding Program of Seattle and King County....more