Finished Steampunk Table

So far I’ve shared adding a couple layers of paint and adding nail trim and put on some lovely numbers to make it look like a clock.  I finished the faux painting and added a couple coats of polyurethane. ...more
Hard to comment, so mesmerized by the shiny steampunk goodness...more

Removing Self Leveling Compound

Removing Self Leveling CompoundThere’s this part of the hall bathroom that annoys me. A previous own put self leveling compound over my vintage hexagon tile floors and then stuck cheap peel and stick linoleum tiles over it. It wouldn’t bother me so much if they’d done it correctly, but they didn’t and the tiles started coming up....more

I'm in the Wall Street Journal!

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL IS FEATURING MY STORE!! It’s in all caps because I’m super happy! I managed to not let the cat out of the bag until it actually happened. Last week when Jordan and I hit a deer, I came home to an email that I thought was a total scam. I researched it, exchanged emails and ended up using the WSJ account to overnight some books to them to be included in the father’s day gift giving guide. woofreakinghoo!...more

That's awesome! Congrats!more

6 foot Round Table

More photos tomorrow after I get the room a little spiffier. It’s kinda a mess right now. Ooops...more

Painting the Stairwell Gray… again

I spent part of yesterday painting the stairwell walls gray. It was total deja vu lemme tell ya. The problem with my last round of gray was not that I mixed leftover paints together to get a sweet color. The problem was I did not mix it well enough which led to splotchy walls. ...more