Why I Run: To Explore

It should come as no surprise to anyone reading this that I love running. Love it. But the running itself is only part of what I love ....more

Ten Years of World of Warcraft. OMG!

I started playing World of Warcraft when it was still in beta 10 years ago. Until the end of...more

I think I really, really like race medals…

A photo posted by B.J. Keeton (@geekfitness_)...more

Announcing Stratus: A Steampunk Novel (Part One)!

First of all, this isn’t a fitness related post, but it’s about the other side of my geekery, so I thought you all may want to know about it just the same. Stratus, my newest novel, is coming out on...more

Race Recap: Sandia Mountain Shadows Trail 10K in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Last week, I went to Albuquerque, New Mexico for a conference. I figured that since I had never been to New Mexico before, I should take full advantage of my trip and see what I could see. Given my penchant for running, I figured the best way I could sight-see would be on foot, about 6 miles at a time ....more

Running is…

Running is a lot of things to a lot of people. Over the past couple of days, this is the list of things that came to mind when I thought about what running is to me....more

Motivation for Faster Running

If I look excited in this picture to you, I was. It’s because I took it last week, immediately after I ran the fastest 10k I’ve run since 2012. It wasn’t anything terribly impressive (58 minutes, and my best is 54 minutes), but I was really excited about it ....more

Running Shoes and Gender Roles

I’m a lot of things, but...more

My End-of-Summer Self-Evaluation

Well, my semester officially starts in under a week. Summer break is behind me, and I’m at that weird point in the limbo between vacation and work where I get in a kind of funky mood and evaluate myself in unfair terms. Did I enjoy my summer enough? ...more

My Word Is “Run”

I’ve been on a audiobooks-while-running kick this summer. Thanks to a great post over at Run To The Finish, my most recent audiobook is...more