Running is…

Running is a lot of things to a lot of people. Over the past couple of days, this is the list of things that came to mind when I thought about what running is to me....more

Motivation for Faster Running

If I look excited in this picture to you, I was. It’s because I took it last week, immediately after I ran the fastest 10k I’ve run since 2012. It wasn’t anything terribly impressive (58 minutes, and my best is 54 minutes), but I was really excited about it ....more

Running Shoes and Gender Roles

I’m a lot of things, but...more

My End-of-Summer Self-Evaluation

Well, my semester officially starts in under a week. Summer break is behind me, and I’m at that weird point in the limbo between vacation and work where I get in a kind of funky mood and evaluate myself in unfair terms. Did I enjoy my summer enough? ...more

My Word Is “Run”

I’ve been on a audiobooks-while-running kick this summer. Thanks to a great post over at Run To The Finish, my most recent audiobook is...more

Running Is What Keeps Me Alive

My mom recently had a stroke (thankfully not a very strong one), and the night she was admitted to the hospital, I was (understandably) really stressed out. It was late, and since I live over two hours from the hospital, visiting was going to have to wait. Obviously, the whole situation made me really antsy ....more

I Stopped Weighing Myself, and It’s Been Awesome

When I was in the middle of my weight loss, I weighed myself every day. Almost everything I read about it said that I was doing it wrong, that I should have had a Weigh-In Day once a week. I tried it, but it didn’t work for me ....more

Garbage In, Garbage Out

I tend to eat pretty healthfully. I eat a lot of vegetables, sparing meat, limit restaurant visits, and consume as few processed products as I can. Jennifer and I are members of a local CSA, and we...more

Talk Nerdy To Me…While I Run

There are generally two kinds of runners. There are the runners who listen to music and the runners who don’t. One camp claims the music helps them keep pace and stay focused, while the other says that they can focus inward and keep pace by what their body is telling them ....more

Getting My Groove Back

Last year, I worked pretty hard to train for a half-marathon. I hurt my hip (#StupidBursitis) in late July, kept trying to power through it in August, and finally went to the doctor and was sidelined by September. It sucked because I was only a month or so away from my race ....more