This is a

This is a team that can win. And with a Real Republican on the ticket, Republicans have no reason to vote otherwise ....more

My Doctor's Response to Research on Dexa Scans

My doctor’s response to information on the lack of value for dexa scans is a model for good medicine.I sent her these three links to studies of bone fractures and bone density: ...more

Is This What You Want Carleton Place? | lindaseccaspina

Is This What You Want Carleton Place? | lindaseccaspina ...more

Acting Mature

I recently read an article claiming that choosing to act mature was far more useful than self-inquiry. It first that seemed like a disconnect. The more I thought about it, the more I remembered that the thing I like about "enlightened" or "wise" people is how mature they are ....more

Perils of Tooth Brushing

On my recent visit to my dentist, I had a worn out filling that had to be replaced. ...more

Young Man at the Door

My neighborhood has had a deluge of teens selling magazine subscriptions. I get magazines in the mail without ever ordering them. I get letters offering to use my unspent airline miles for magazines ....more

Ride of Silence

Last Tuesday, May 18 at 7 PM I participated in the Ride of Silence. Hundreds of cities all over the world hold these rides to remember and honor bicyclists who have survived and those who have died in car crashes. The rides begin with a reading of the names of those who have been killed in the previous year ....more

Stuff they don't teach in PE

The stuff they didn’t teach me in PE. What to do when I’m in pain.What to do to avoid pain.So, now, as a geezer I’m having to learn that stuff.Several weeks ago, I woke up with what felt like bones grinding together in my low back. ...more

Dexa Scans have No Predictive Value

I have a basically sane General Practitioner. ...more

Vote for the Delegates

I’ve been excited about this Presidential election. ...more