When Your Family Turns On You

As a child I used to wish for a different family. I wanted to belong to anyone but the one I had. I was verbally and psychologically abused and bullied by a mother, uncle and various other relatives for having poor motor skills. That turned out to be Aspergers, a diagnosis that did not come out until I was 34. ...more

The Canine Love of My Life

I didn't realize it that day, but Sept 19, 2003 my life was forever changed. I had decided I wanted a poodle and after quite an extensive search, found my miniature poodle at the Humane Society. He had been found in a dumpster and looked terrible. There was just this sparkle in his eyes, "Lady, you are done. You are taking me with you."...more

Job Search, Job Search, When Will You End

Since April Fool's Day (note the irony) of 2012, I have been job searching. In some form or fashion since I received my MS in Counseling, I have been in the Student Affairs field. From Residential Life to Academic Advising, to Career Services to a position that had me wearing every hat and then some....more