Are Your Eyes Bigger Than Your Belly?

When I was a little girl I was lucky enough to live within walking distance of my grandparents, and I would visit them almost daily. I especially loved the barbeques in the summer. Grandpa would always buy watermelon and Grandma would make a pie. There were times when I would fill up my plate with the goodies but wouldn’t be able to eat it all and my Grandpa would ask, “Were your eyes bigger than your belly”? This term meant, you thought you could eat more than your belly could hold. As kids, we would seldom overeat....more

Week 2 of the 8 Week Healthy Habit Challenge

Welcome to Week Two of the 8 Week Healthy Habit Challenge. Last week’s challenge you were to keep a journal of everything you ate and drank for three days. This was to help you assess your worst health habit. This week, you are to continue eliminating that habit, as well as incorporate the next challenge. You will also continue to include yellow and orange foods in your meal plans. This week’s challenge is to begin eliminating sugar from your and your family’s, diet. Sugar can lead to hypersensitivity, anxiety, difficulty concentrating and crankiness in children....more

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It is the season for those sexy sleeveless tops that you know you like to wear; are your shoulders ready to be exposed?  To sculpt round sexy shoulders, you need to work all three areas of the deltoid: anterior, medial, and posterior. The following workout program will allow you to do just that. Perform this program twice a week, alternating between Workout A and Workout B, allowing 48 hours between workouts for recovery....more

Weight Training for Weight Loss

Physical activity studies conducted in the last 10 years show that only 12% of the population participates in a vigorous exercise program, and 54% do not even exercise at a moderate intensity for 30 min. a day. It is no wonder our waistlines are expanding. According to a study published by The Trust forAmerica’s Health, a non-profit foundation dedicated to improving health in theU.S., 66% of the population is overweight and more than 32% are obese....more

How food choices affect the body

Everyone knows that they should eat healthy foods, but do they understand why?...more

Can Foods Help Protect Skin From Sun Damage?

As a child, and while growing up, few of us used sunscreen. As a result, most of us have sun damage to our skin, especially on our faces. As we get older, we will notice more wrinkles, sun spots and “leathery” skin; with a lot of the damage coming from our fun in the sun. Luckily, getting older also means getting wiser, and we now take steps to protect ourselves from sun damage....more

Strip Fat

No time to workout? This one will only take minutes…….   Some days just don’t have enough hours in it to get everything accomplished. Time is limited and at the gym you are trying to decide if it will be better to do cardio or weights. You can actually do both by doing a circuit routine. Think of circuit training as a two for one deal: It improves your strength and keeps your heart rate elevated due to a higher number of reps, constant movement and minimal rest....more

Power Pairs

Push-ups and pull-ups, peanut butter and jelly, Seinfeld and Kramer. Some pairs just go together. And, according to latest studies, the same holds true for nutrients. Scientists call it food synergy, two or more nutrients coming together to produce greater health benefits. For example, if you combine an apple with raspberries, their phytochemicals hook up to ward off cancer more efficiently then if each were eaten alone. According to Matthew G. Kadey, MS, RD, top researchers are discovering that the right food combinations can keep our bodies fit, too....more


In a perfect world, you could make it to the gym 5 days a week. In the real world, you might get to the gym 3 days this week, 2 days next week, then 5 the next. Be prepared with a plan that will work all body parts and get you in and out of the gym in 40 min. or less. A circuit style routine works best. Pick one exercise for the Chest, Biceps, Triceps, Abs and call this round Circuit A, then pick one exercise per Legs, Shoulders, Back and Abs and call this round Circuit B. You will complete each circuit 3 times, using your ab exercise as active rest....more