Yes, that Goat Smell at the Post Office was me

 Good thing I get so pissed off so easily or I would never have anything to write about.     Like just now, I fell, farted, then lost my American Express card some where in between.    Its a gorgeous, well to me, at least, foggy morning in my little mountain town.     Its raining.    Its snowing.    I'm baking.    What a glorious day....more

I am your Redneck Queen!

     I spent my early morning hours in the forest following the tracks of my favorite herd of doe's Trixie, Bambi  and Candy.  The more I think about it, the more I think the doe's I'm constantly seeing near Green Valley Lake are the same ones. Maybe one of these days I will actually get a picture, before Garth Brooks country twang omitted from my smart phone scares them off.    Yes, it would appear these mountain deer are not a fan of old school country music....more

Why I'm terrified of Figs, with recipe included

 Why I'm Terrified of Figs and a recipe for Bacon Wrapped Figs with Brie      I have a Fig Newton Phobia. Weird I know....more