Admin Tales: Promoting

Just a little something from the face behind GOY without actually showing my face. Of course…. I could find a picture of what I wish I looked like for you, and you could just play along with me. But I mean… That’s crazy....more

Ask Out: Not the Other Woman

Sometimes the “other woman” does get the guy. Of course, I’m using the term other woman lightly. Don’t think I’m some homewrecker before you start reading this. Anyways, there was me and there was the guy. And we were friends. We were both in relationships, but neither one was that great. My boyfriend didn’t seem to get the idea that I wanted to spend time together, and was more focused on everything but me. His girlfriend lived halfway across the country. I kept thinking that I would be happier with him than in my current relationship, but I wanted to give things a chance....more