Team NutriBullet 2015-2016

The upcoming season for Team NutriBullet and training for the 2016 LA Marathon is almost upon us!  I was extremely fortunate to be a part of this program last year. My teammates and I received expert coaching and training, while NutriBullet staff helped us with our nutrition. I had an amazing experience, made a lot of new friends, and was able to run my fastest marathon in that crazy heat we had last March. ...more

Training with Team NutriBullet (Weeks 1-3)

These past weeks have been a complete whirlwind for me. Has it really been three weeks since I started this adventure? It seems like it was just yesterday that I was anxiously waiting to see if I even made the team. Wow, time sure flies when you are having fun! I’ll give you a quick recap of what’s been going on in my world....more

Pumpkin Chai Smoothie

This is my first week with Team NutriBullet and part of our commitment for our marathon team is to blast at least once a day. What is a blast? That is what NutriBullet calls their smoothies, because you’re not blending you’re blasting!...more

Catching Up & Team NutriBullet

So I know I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks, and you’re all probably wondering if I fell into a ditch somewhere or something. Truthfully, I am fine and life couldn’t be better in my corner of the world. I don’t want to give the excuse “I’ve been busy,” because who isn’t busy with life, work, training, etc....more

If The Shoe Fits..

 Lately I’ve been frequenting a couple different run club Facebook Group pages, the ‘Run JunkEes Run Club' and 'Trail and Ultra Running’....more

Reset. Network. Boom!

In my last post, Training for #2015ALAM, I kind of jinxed myself when I said I had a clean bill of health. No really! During the Labor Day weekend I thought I was coming down with a cold. Actually it was bronchitis and an ear infection. Really? Why couldn't I just have gotten an ear infection?...more

Let's Get Social

It sure has been awhile since I posted last. You may have wondered where the heck I went. Well besides enjoying my summer, I've been brushing up on my Javascript, jQuery skills and learning a bunch of other computer nerdy languages. No seriously! See what happens when I can't get outside to run....more

Training for #2015ALAM

  I'm happy to report that I was given a clean bill of health at the end of July, and have started running again. Matter of fact, I've actually started training for the 2015 ASICS LA Marathon. Hey, I won that free race entry remember?...more

Bumpy Road Calls for Bumpy Cake

You may have noticed that over the past weeks, well since April, I haven't been as talkative as of late. Sorry for that. I've been doing a million and one things all at the same time....more