Creamy, gluten-free, dairy-free, butternut squash risotto

A good reminder that we better get those winter squash while we can. Before we know ...more

D-tox January round-up and great d-tox yoga video

It’s hard to believe that D-tox January is at it’s finale. As with all things in life, all good things must come to an end. But endings can be great too and I’m a great believer in going out with a bang. At the beginning of the week I posted:...more

Gingerbread heaven. How to make it gluten-free.

Our gingerbread village...more

Oh, Nicola. That gluten-free gingerbread village is adorable. I sure do miss the days of icing ...more

My top reasons for giving Thanks

Me and T on Muir Beach There is only one more week to go until Thanksgiving and everyone is talking about getting together, eating together and how to spend the long weekend. The kids are learning all about how important it is to be thankful and gratitude is in the air....more

What is friendship?

My BlogHer Food '10

This blogging 'thing' suddenly seems very real the minute I valet park my car at the Intercontinental hotel in San Fran for the BlogHer food conference this Friday. I've followed the conference checklist to the letter and have worn comfortable shoes - my beloved red orthopedic Swedish clogs, have packed a pair of flip flops just in case as orthopedic as they are my feet get sore, my camera, lap top, water bottle, notebook, business cards (yes - I even have real gfreemom business cards now - all very grown up), etc etc. In short, I am the bag lady....more

Why we always need to read labels. Food or no food.


13 easy g-free kids lunchboxes

Sometimes just being a mom is enough of a challenge. Once summer is over and school begins the horror looms before us of getting up on time in the morning and ensuring that we've got the dreaded lunchboxes made and filled with nutritious, tasty food that our kids will actually eat while they are busy socializing with dozens of kids at the lunch table. My lunchbox skills have improved dramatically since being a g-free mom. I spend more time thinking about what to pack each day than I used to....more

Hi Marianne,

these are all cold, except the soup in the thermos. They all taste great without ...more