Lansdowne - Quietest hill station in North India

Lansdowne – The hidden little place This place is as good as its name! Hidden somewhere in the hills of Uttarakhand, it is actually a cantonment town in Pauri Garhwal district. Hence the added discipline as cleanliness....more

Definitely Goa

Things to DEFINITELY do in GOA in an all girls trip ;) Definitely 1.Buy a bikini. Goa has all kinds of beaches, few in which you can wear a bikini and few in which you might feel a little out of place. So, skip the afternoons and the overcrowded evenings. Try the early morning beach in a bikini in Baga or Calangute, feel the cold ocean in a fluorescent bikini. Nothing like the morning sea caressing you. Bliss! ...more

Totally Weddo-Phobic

I wasnt really a blogger until a few months back..when I and my boyfriend decided to get married..we are from India and belong to different castes and states (for people wondering how that matters: India, language, culture, food habits vary from caste to caste and state to state).So since we belong to different castes, we faced some acceptance issues from our parents. But after pursuing for a month or two..they are convinced now!Yaaiii.But..In the contrary I am not!!! :o ..I feel I am doing the biggest mistake of my life by getting married! :(...more

How Katherine became Kat!

Here is a tiny story.  But it not about 'boy meets girl - falls in love - and remains in love'. Its rather about 'boy meets girl - falls in love - and remains in love - BUT at the cost of what???'.We shall find out!Katherine : Indian female( ofcuz that's not her real name. It could be anything like Kavita, Bhavita or Lalita, but that's really unimportant), 27 years of age. And she belongs to a middle class Indian family....more
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