The More Things Change

Weekend mornings have started "about" the same way every weekend as long as my memory goes. I wake up to the sound of the twins needing something. If there was a baby in the house, it was the sound of a baby needing something ....more

The Ingredients of a Perfect Day

The first thing that happens on a perfect day is that I wake up and realize my underwear is cutting into me, and that I need to pee. It's a Sunday and it's not even 7 am so that's about right. I decide to creep down the creeky stairs, make a cup and either watch something on Netflix (see previous addiction information) or play video games ....more

Oh The Potty Training

We decided that we were going to bite the bullet and sacrifice our furniture & whatever else, and start potty training Miles again.There have been numerous, very frustrating attempts in the past. Sometimes we'd try both boys. We always ran into the same roadblock ....more

When You Least Expect It

It was a late start to a day out, so we decided to just go putz around a local mall. Nothing strenuous, just walking around and looking at things. Bass Pro Shop is always a good stop with the kids ....more

13,000 Gallons of Fun

There are people who will tell you that owning a pool is a pain in the ass. They'll say it's more trouble than it's worth. They'll say it's so expensive you won't believe it.Those people? ...more

He's With The Band

Sixth grade is magical. In sixth grade you get to make the choice to join that most awesome thing ever, THE BAND.If you weren't in band, well you'll just have to trust me. But we band geeks, band nerds, band dweebs, whatever we are, are really pretty freaking awesome ....more

Back To School Cake

The husband read somewhere that if you simmer a can of Eagle Brand condensed milk for 3 hours it turns into caramel. It's really more like a dulce de leche. But there is nothing bad about that at all ....more

But Before School Started...

...there was turtle watching. Turtles like humans it seems. They especially like humans who toss them food ....more

Chip Lust

I admit, I like to social media blitz campaigns of the "suggested flavors" of Lays chips. The Sriracha btw were the BEST EVER BRING THOSE BACK LAYS!This time we've gotten three out of the four. We're missing the Wasabi Ginger, which I really want to try ....more

Nighttime Is NOT The Right Time

Sometimes I forget how chaotic nights can be for me. Friday night was one of those nights. It's been enough time that I hadn't had to deal with more than needing earplugs for a few hours, that I'd forgotten what a right crazy night around here was like.It started with Miles, singing and carrying on loudly ....more