It Was A Pretty Terrible Two Days

One year ago today I buried someone who was like a ray of sunshine in the world. She would laugh, and smile and look at everyone with joy. I really liked her, and I know I couldn't have done anything to change the way things went ....more

My Stomach The Great Betrayer

I have this ongoing stomach thing that I take an army of medication for. Officially diagnosed as "gastritis" it basically means I have to be aware of what things will cause me to internally combust in a horrible ball of pain. It also means that I can't be sure what will affect me ....more

Autistic Isn't Bad

Julia is struggling with "AUTISTIC". She understand that Autistic means the twins don't talk. But tonight she told me that she's a good girl, she talks so she's not autistic ....more

Father's Day Theme: BACON

Once upon a time, when we were childless, we walked into a restaurant for breakfast on Father's Day. A small child was excitedly waiting for their father to unwrap the amazing gift that had been chosen for day. We watched with amusement as Dad unwrapped, and looked across the table at Mom like she had lost her mind - yet pretended that this three wick candle was the heart's desire of Dad's everywhere ....more

Why Do You Have Snakes In Your Backyard

The backstory here is that we're struggling to get someone to come mow our yard. We had a redneck and various members of his redneck family who would come and mow for us, but they flaked out. Since then it's been a nonstop stream of flaky and stupid when you JUST want your yard mowed ....more

Sometimes It's Not Autism

Sometimes it's not, no really.For instance, yesterday, my Miles could not be soothed. He was upset on and off all day. He's got this new thing he'll do ....more

The Return To High Heels

It seems like I've been in a nonstop state of foot problems for the past few years. I broke my foot working in one of our branches. I broke a toe ....more

30 Minutes on the Total Gym

I won't be able to fix typos today, and for that I apologize. That's mostly because I'm MOSTLY numb right now. I think the correct term is muscle fatigue ....more

For Special People

Yesterday was one of our favorite events, the Spectrum Family Fishing day event. We always really enjoy it, it's a day just for our families with Special little guys - a day where no one will stare at you if your kid is screaming or flailing or stemming for no apparent reason. Three of four kids caught fish - Miles caught a leaf ....more

Every Little Things She Does

Having a girl remains an amazing mystery to me. Maybe every parent thinks so, but I'm in wonder of this child and wonder if I was ever like her. She's on FIRE with joy at life ....more