Like Tears From A Star

We had planned a day out on Sunday. We thought that perhaps some time in the park, fresh air and such, would be a welcome diversion from the oppressive stress that's been hovering over us.However upon reviewing the weather it became apparent that the remnants of Hurricane Erica or whatever it was named was bearing down on us.The kids got me up early and I realized shortly after breakfast - WE HAD TIME. So at 9:30 am we piled outside for frisbee and soccer and running around and squealing (sorry neighbors) while the storm clouds loomed in the west and south ....more

Rooms of Forgiveness

Last night for the first night in days I slept hard. I felt drugged but was not. My husband tried to wake me up about a weird smell, but if I HAD to converse about this smell or had there been a fire I could not have done so.I was wiped out ....more

On Any Other Day

Saturday started out with a trip to the Farmer's Market with my Sister in Law. ...more

Beneath An Angry Star

Visiting my dad this past weekend was surreal. I knew what to expect. He's in the part of the nursing home where the people are most invalid ....more

Walking Back From Your House

"One foot in front of the other produces the next step. Just take one at a time and see what comes next."That text arrived on Thursday as I sat at my desk about to depart. I was texting with a friend who was in a place so many thousand miles away that I don't know the number ....more

Fortress Around Your Heart

I went for my annual check up at the cardiologist yesterday. Above is an image of the EKG that earned me a cardiologist. March 22 of 2014 (which I just realized is my parents anniversary) I had chest pains and ended up spending a quality day in the ER with friend Dave ....more

Desert Rose

I guess it was the total disrepair at the Fernbank Gardens that made me decide I should abdicate my title as hillbilly neighbor of the garden world. I have to confess, I HATE GARDENING. I don't find it fulfilling ....more

God's Favorite Creature

We spent a much needed Saturday out of the house at the Fernbank museum. You can never have enough dinosaurs in your life, from what I can tell, and despite the fact that we've been going forever, the giants in the atrium NEVER fail to inspire awe. Giganotosaurus is about to go for the undercarriage of Agentinosaurus in the tableau behind and above Charlie ....more

Caught Between The Scylla and Charybdis

Lately it feels like it's a nonstop conversation about which of our parents is in the hospital, between my brother and I. Now it's Mom, again to have fluid drained out of her, again to have batteries of tests. She was weak and unwell again, so back in to the IU Med center she went ....more

Someone To Talk To

I think Charlie doesn't like that he has to share me with everyone else in the morning. The past few years Charlie has gotten up first, and he and I have had our early AM together alone, no one else had to wake up until after his bus left.Now all three kids wake up at the same time, so Charlie has taken to getting up JUST a bit before the rest of them. I'm not sure if he's just an early riser, light sleeper, or he wants his alone minutes.He still comes in to the bedroom where I am seated on the edge of the bed and climbs onto my lap like he's a very little boy, wrapping his arms and legs around me ....more