With A Compass In The Stock And This Thing Which Tells Time

Childhood traditions are weird things. They all make sense to me, having been a child myself, but for a long time I wondered why they are what they are. Then I became an adult and realized I'm the one who makes up what the traditions are in my house (well the husband and I do) ....more


Five months and 22 days ago five people got a text from someone we all loved very much. It was to say goodbye to us, as he had decided he was done with this particular existence. It was probably the most horrible message I've ever received ....more

Less Stressed Mommying

My Mom will tell you that Matt had a better Mom that I did. I would disagree with that a lot, because I think my Mom was an AWESOME Mom. But I think now that I have kids with a big span between them (8 years in my case, 10 in hers) I realize she means that she FELT more confident and comfortable in her mommying....more

The Not So Wintry Days

Years ago, when I still lived in Kentucky even, my friend Christa shared that if you signed up to be a Makers Mark ambassador they'd send you free cute address labels. As someone who sends Christmas cards and appreciates free address labels I said HEY that works and signed up. I've been a member now forever ....more

When Mom Gets It Worse

On Friday night Charlie didn't eat. That only means one thing, Charlie is very sick. ...more

An Homage to My Middle School Home Ec Teachers

My mom majored in Home Economics Education. That means that despite the fact that I'm lazy and don't cook, she did teach me a lot of the basics of baking and the kitchen. (Make note, I can bake - I don't cook).When I was in middle school, we had home economics teachers who seemed to think that all foods kids needed to learn to make could be made out of those biscuits in a can ....more

We Love Terrible Things

If you don't know by now, we love terrible things. Good grief we sat through ALL of Peter Pan LIVE! if that doesn't prove it ....more

When You Stop and Think About How Lucky You Are

My husband and I randomly started thinking last night about all of the amazing random things we've done and seen last night. In 46 years, we've had quite the adventure. It makes me feel really good to think about this list ....more

The Puzzle From Hello Kitty Hell

My friend from school is living a life of adventure with her daughter as a teacher in the far east. When she and her daughter recently went on vacation, they flew on EVA air which if you are a HELLO KITTY fan, you know as HELLO KITTY AIRLINES. No really, they have Hello Kitty planes.She sent me a box of goodies, some from the plane (Hello Kitty Barf Bag anyone?) and some from a shop at the airport ....more

Time For Thanks and Family And Feeling Like Hell

A nice little trick of the endometrial ablation is that it leaves in tact all the mechanisms of PMS that make me a crazy person monthly. I don't really know when it's coming usually because I forget, but suddenly I'm in the grips of EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE IS DRIVING ME CRAZY and I realize, several hours in, that it's ME - not them.The worst bit was that yesterday, a day I love and look forward to, I found I couldn't be happy. Everything was making my hair follicles hurt ....more