Dear Steve Harvey, I Do Not Accept Your Apology

I rarely watch ranty or emotional videos on Facebook. Usually they're trite, or annoying, or frankly I just don't have time. My life can be stressful enough without adding other people's emotional baggage to it.However today, one scrolling past my feed caught my attention ....more

Oral Surgery For The Win

46 almost 47 years ago two people had a baby. She was a colicky baby. She screamed and screamed and screamed at night ....more

I Love These Things

I'm not sure why but I'm obsessed with the golden waving cats at Chinese restaurants. What do they mean? I don't even know ....more

Even Happy Girls Can Get Depression

A friend of mine posted about looking for some guidance/help for what she felt like was depression. I reached out privately because despite my normally sunny disposition, I once had depression.Most people don't really know that about me. I don't talk about it much ....more

Everyone Can Help Someone

My husband started a KICKSTARTER for a mutual friend who is in need. It's actually a need rather than a want, as it's a computer for her and it's her link to the world day in and out.Back in the day disabled people lived with family and the world came to them via newspapers and letters and occasional visitors. Today people who can be independent do so, but they can maintain their communications and relationships via computer ....more

One Year Ago Today

I have this app on my phone that I love called TIMEHOP where every day it shows you what you posted on Facebook exactly one year ago, two years ago, three years ago etc. It's fascinating. It gives me a look back at amazing days, at terrible days, it cements moments into my memory so I love it ....more

What They Don't Want

It's really normal for kids to give you shit about things they don't want to do. For instance, my oldest child just had to be visited by me FIVE TIMES in order to get his butt out of bed. I predict that in about 30 minutes he'll whine about "WHY DIDN'T YOU GET ME UP EARLIER?" But during the five times it was whining mumbling about tired, tired, sleepy, can't get up, too tired, no no no no no....kind of like that ....more

My Culinary Adventures in Canada

I just spent a week in Canada for work, and it was exhausting and awesome all rolled into one. I didn't write at all while I was there, or even hardly look at social media which is pretty unusual for me. I think it was a combination of the whirlwind of busy plus being so entranced by the place that I was just soaking it up ....more

Cocktails and Coca Cola Cake

I decided that I wanted to try a shellac manicure as I'm going to be travelling and if I didn't have to take my nail stuff that'd be awesome. Allegedly these things last for up to two weeks, and I'm travelling for one week so hey, that's a win to me.A new nail bar had it's grand opening right by my house yesterday, and after I ran an errand in the morning I stopped in. The sign said they opened at 9:30 am ....more

An Elephant Never Forgets

What I write about often ends up being very different from what I planned. My family went to the circus this past weekend. I love the circus ....more