I'm A Bad Drug Addict

Meaning I'm not good at it. I don't enjoy it. Narcotic drugs and I, we aren't friends ....more

The Much Needed Oral Surgery

I have to say that the science of dentistry isn't what it was even ten years ago. Things are so much better and different it's amazing. I got a root canal and a crown ten years ago and some time between now and then I got an infection in the root ....more

If Something Happens...

When you have your first kid you see this little saying around quite a bit, it goes something like "Having a child is letting your heart walk around outside of your body." It's something like that. I feel like that sentiment is a pale comparison to what it's really like.Yesterday we had storms, which isn't unusual. The Gulf of Mexico sends warm moist air up into Texas and that air goes rolling east across flat Mississippi and Alabama and by the time I gets here we have a real gullywasher going (I miss Stan Wood the Weatherman on Channel 8, he was AWESOME) ....more

Your Dose of Imagacillin

First of all, if you would like to experience the live birth of a real Cabbage Patch Baby - you can go HERE...more

It Went Fast

Five years ago today I was mentally preparing for something I didn't want that was the means to something I wanted more than my own life. Five years ago today, I was on a countdown to Julia's birth.We went to the Fernbank museum and looked at the dinosaurs. We drove to Alabama on a whim and ate some BBQ that I can't quite remember ....more

The Ups and Downs of the Travel

The down side of travel started Sunday night as I held a weeping four year old in my arms who was begging me not to leave her to travel for work. I cried too as she told me she needed me home so that she can take care of me. "Who will take care of you there? ...more

And We Had To See A Plantation

Our last day of vacation my family gave in to Mom and we did something girly, we went to a plantation. I picked this one out of the stack of brochures the front desk handed us on check in simply because it's been continuously functioning since the 1600s. I think that's fairly interesting ....more

The Requisite Beach Day, And Another Woman's Hair Up

I was reminded very quickly when we arrived at the beach that there is a reason for pony tail holders (or hair ups as they're called around here since the girl renamed them) or hats at the beach. My long over processed hair immediately began whipping left, right, front and back until I looked more like Cousin It THAN Cousin It. Julia found treasure on the beach, a pony tail holder ....more

Questionable Coffee, Fort Sumter and an Aircraft Carrier

I am sitting in my mostly darkened hotel room while half the family sleeps. I'm up writing and enjoying some really vile coffee. Enjoying is a really loose term ....more

Vacations and Autism

Day one on vacation in Charleston and autism is having a field day with making sure that everyone knows who is boss, Miles decided today that he didn't want to do anything that we were doing, unless he did want to do it. He wanted to do different things, or the thing we were previously doing. The thing we were doing right now? ...more