It Even Comes With A Free Bucket

Being the adult is sometimes more aggravating than the literature suggested. I think we were supposed to be able to stay up as late as we want and eat whatever we want and no one can tell us we can't. Life was supposed to be carefree and full of nonstop fun right? ...more

The Mammogram Shmammomgram

I had to go back for my six months mammogram. I have to do this because I have "dense" tissue apparently and they don't like what they see inside me. They don't say that ....more

Some Achievement Awards Are Real

I am not a fan of Achievement Awards or Participation Awards. I don't think kids need an award for showing up. That doesn't develop them into people who think they have to WORK for anything ....more

Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back In The Water

Yesterday was Julia day. It was a day chocked full of things ABOUT JULIA. It's probably hard to believe every single day isn't like that, but they aren't ....more

I Survived

These four people just spent four days with me while I coughed and wheezed all around them. I'd say how sorry I am except I had a really amazing time with them and it seems like I only had a cold, although it felt like the death on Monday.We had long meetings which were pretty interesting and I enjoyed despite my nonstop consumption of liquid and medicine. But we also go to have a lot of fun - way more than I expected ....more

Sick For The Road

There's too much going on right now. I just got home from a great trip to Montreal. The very next day we had to take the girl to register her for Kindergarten in the fall ....more

Meanwhile On the Streets of Montreal

I love going to work in Montreal. The team there is pretty wonderful but the place itself is like no other I've ever been to. I love how welcoming everyone is there and how forgiving they are of terrible efforts to speak French ....more

Shaking It Off

We've probably been IN too much, the twins get antsy when we don't GO GO GO and they've been fighting and carrying on more than usual. We decided that since the girl's soccer team has a bye week we'd definitely go out for the day and there was a small local festival up the road that fit the bill. Small town America festivals with the Boy Scouts and Masons hosting activities & food booths are some of my favorite things ever ....more

Ka Is A Wheel That Turns

Birthday number 11 arrived for the twins and we celebrated with an awesome dinosaur cake and our Aunties Suzie and Debbie were even here for the fun. As always they ate their ice cream and ignored the cake but I think they were mostly excited by the light up balloons their daddy got them. They're pretty cool ....more

I'm A Bad Drug Addict

Meaning I'm not good at it. I don't enjoy it. Narcotic drugs and I, we aren't friends ....more