I Exposed Myself In Public (It Was The Right Thing To Do)

[Editor's Note: We all have different sides to our personalities, and we aren't always ALL of who we are all the time. There are parts of ourselves we work hard to protect, the soft, vulnerable parts, that we keep hidden so we can feel strong in day-to-day life. (And especially because, as parents, apparently we are the ones in charge!!)This post is about those moments in life we have to put down our guard, as Chimom from the group blog It Builds Character beautifully tells it. It's a great story. And wow, I wish that mom group were in my neighborhood! Here's just a snippet of her post. Click over to read it in its entirety at her site.—Stacy ...more
I do it all the time. :)more

The Sleepover

When I went to BlogHer a couple of weeks ago, I was surrounded by thousands of women. That’s a whole lotta estrogen. Not a girly girl by any means (and my ability to accessorize is downright pitiful)… I was cautious. But, I received some pep talks, did some light stretching and threw myself into this gaggle of chirping women.I’m 35. One of the things that I’ve come to love about my 30s is the fact that I am finally getting comfortable with who I am. I am day by day getting over what the elusive “They” think and enjoying the person that I am.Most of the time....more

5 Tips for Making Fundraising a Fun Family Sport

I’m about halfway through a fundraising season for the American Cancer Society’s DetermiNation program, where athletes can fundraise through various races in their area. I’m currently training for the Chicago Marathon (although, with two small kids, I’ll use the term “training” loosely).It’s summer, and regardless where you live, there’s a range of good causes and walk, runs, swims and any other type of challenge you can think of that can not only be fun for the entire family, but also a great way to give back to the community....more

Balance? What Balance?

In my home, we are going through a bit of a “phase.” Of absolute chaos. Someone asked me how I was the other day, and I told her about the kids/husband/house. The response: But where are you in all of that? And here’s the thing: I don’t know. I’m pounding on the glass somewhere, but that room seems to be sealed off and soundproof....more

This post made me smile. My mom says so many of the things you wrote about, Older and Wiser. ...more

5 Things I'd Like to Say to My Kids But Can't

1. Are you f$?&ing kidding me?See also: Are you f$!@ing stupid? and Shut the f$!@ up. This is for all of the badgering, incessant questions. And for my kids making me utter all of the strange phrases I never thought I'd have to say to another human being, like: ...more

Good thing you've kept your sense of humor. Lord knows moms need it just to survive.

Here's ...more

Starting the Day with a Bang

When my son was a month old, I decided to take him and my squirrelly 21-month-old daughter to the zoo. It was the biggest undertaking I'd attempted with both kids at that point, since it entailed a lot of running around on foot/bjorn/stroller, and also involved several feedings for Austin and lunch for Abby. In addition to my usual morning chaos compounded by packing up our entire home to bring on the outing, the cleaning lady was at the house, making maneuvering a challenge....more

Seeking Legacy

My mother died when I was 8. I did not lose my mother – she died. She was taken after two years of horribly ugly Cancer. She died during the night in a hospital bed in our home. When I awoke, it was empty. Growing up I had one recurring dream. I used to see my mother’s death – every detail. Each time, the dream ended the same: I would see myself in that bed instead of her. I have no doubt I was seeing her actual death. Her presence was always particularly strong around me as a child, even after her passing....more

You and I have a lot in common.
My mother didn't die, but she did leave me by choice when I ...more

I'm My Mother's Daughter

The Advice I Wish I'd Received: Strollers

We are going to have to move out of our house. Simply put, we don’t have enough storage space for all of the strollers.When darling daughter was on her way, we were oblivious to what the actual baby transport needs would be. I ended up with one giant stroller....more

I'm not sure what my strategy would be exactly doing it over again... but I did love my Snap N ...more

Five Ways Suburbia Has Let Me Down

When we moved out of the city, I had certain hopes about our lifestyle.I was so, so wrong in a number of areas:1. The Olive Garden: I have always loved the OG. When I'd visit my friends outside of the city, I'd always drag them out for soup, salad and breadsticks. Free refills, yo. But here's the thing - When you get out here full-time, you realize… It isn't actually that good. ...more