A Brasater Day!

GiftedA Brasater Day!    ...more

Small Portions!

Small Portions!  Beware of products "suggested serving size" They may not always be as accurate as they appear on the box.While Preparing Dinner for my family, upon opening the box, this is what I found~ in the box with the suggested serving size of 4. Really What 4?  If everyone just take a spoon? #smallportions...more

Public Service Announcement

 **Warning** Use Caution~Don't do this to yourself. So, last Monday while trying to entertain my daughter on Vacation break and do something nice for my husband. I injured myself. Yes. Since it was the day after Easter we had plenty of Ham & easter eggs left so we decided to make Daddy a lunch and take it to him at work....more

Kids~ Diversity and Acceptance

This is a little tricky to discuss on Social Media, but I need the feedback of other parents....more

Unemployed Christian

Unemployed ChristianYou know it has been difficult to do what you think you should be doing and still come up short, empty, nothing to show for all your efforts.  They say go to college...get a degree...and secure a place in this society!  Well, I guess they didn't anticipate this Economy.  I've been unemployed twice now in the last 2 years.  I've been creative and diligent in my search.  Joining countless job sites, joining and attending networking groups, even calling upon "targeted employers".  ...more


OK, it's been awhile, I guess I became frustrated with the lack of responses, and for some reason my system would act up when on this site (slow typing & buffering).At any rate.... I'm back... Determined to just WRITE... EXpress myself which is what I love to do.  So....DETERMINED.OK, so for the last month or so...I was determined to start a weight loss plan.  I'd watched plenty of programs on TV on how to just get started.... Moving!...more

Learning to Live Aloud.... In my own skin!

Sometimes we make choices based on the fact that we're afraid to cross the lines that blur the freedom of being and personal revolutions.... But, we have to teach ourselves, our children, and those around us that.... It's ok to be! It's ok to be in your own skin And proclaim... Accept Me as I am and I you!Too often we walk around anxious and perplexed by the the thought that we just may be a little different than our neighbor/colleagues, those around us.  I think it's something were conditioned to be....more

Today, My Baby Girl ... Voted!

Today , my baby girl voted!  Wow, my daughter was able to really feel the power of demonstrating the expression of Choice, Selection, Freedom of Speech, and the magnitude of independent thinking~ Democracy!As we were leaving the school, I overheard several students exclaiming to their parent, "they had voted".  I didn't give it much thought because my daughter is just in 1st grade so I thought it was just the older kids whom had participated in this "mock" election....more
Marcia Tyler commented on FB: Wow! Maybe she's getting a head start on the game playing that ...more


I Voted today!  I've never voted early!  I've always been skeptical of the process, unsure if my vote would really COUNT.Well, after working at one of the campaign headquarters, I realized that my efforts could be better served in another capacity on that day... and since I have the time available I decided to VOTE!On the day of November 6, I will volunteer in some way to help others evoke their right to VOTE!...more

Headstones/Cemetery Markers

So today my activities lead me to ask this question... Why are headstones and cemetery markers so expensive?  Seriously who are they for.... the deceased, the family behind?       ...more
 @ivybeckley   I agree make sure it's all paid for and in writing for your family. Because  ...more