If the Water is American, Can the Beer be German?

We’ve learned through a recent class action lawsuit that Beck’s German pilsner is brewed with water from Missouri. And it’s not the only American-made import: Foster’s tagline is “Australian for beer, ” but its water is pure Texas; Red [...] ...more

They Say the Highest Altitude Produces the Best Donuts

There’s a legendary donut shop that sits at three miles above sea level. You could argue that the donuts taste better because of the...more

Compliments of the House? Teaspoons, Napkins, Sweet’N Low Packets: These are not on the takeout menu.

Diners are notorious for pilferage. They waltz out the door with silverware, glassware, and salt shakers...more

Virtual Reality? How About Virtual Lasagne?

Virtual Reality can create a world without calories or food intolerances....more

This is Your Body on Soda

We all know about tooth decay from the sugar and the elevated risk of diabetes, asthma, and heart disease associated with obesity. But there are plenty of other reasons not to drink soda. Weird fat accumulations According to a recently [...] ...more

Do You Like Your Privacy? Then Don’t Use OpenTable.

OpenTable will knock $20 off the check...more

Nobody’s Holding the Mayo.

Mayonnaise is the king of American...more

Dining and Data-Mining With Dinner Lab

Dinner Lab is a lot of things. It’s a pop-up restaurant. It’s a tech business ....more

It’s Not ‘Like’ the OED of Sweets. It IS the OED of Sweets.

It’s a sweet dream come true: The Oxford Companion to Sugar and Sweets. The Oxford English Dictionary,...more