Marijuana Pranayama

Too Bad I Threw Out My Bong I am lamenting the loss of my bong. I haven't thought about my bong in years but after this past gun-shot laden anxiety filled week, I wish she were here. I wonder where she is now, Miss Bong-ette, my Bong-ita, that special Bong-ini. What is she doing? Is she in a landfill? Is she happy? Does she miss me? I miss her. After a week of shootings (13 shots fired down the street from my house), an armed robbery one block away and a murder 10 blocks over, I am a bit on edge. Ok, I'm scared to death. Blowing Stuff Up ...more

Yoga breathing with Whoopi Cushion

Until 3:17 this afternoon, I would not have thought about using a Whoopi Cushion to introduce the basics of yogic deep breathing techniques but God Bless me, Divine Inspiration slapped me upside the head yet again. Playfulness, stress relief AND a plastic fart simulation device. PRICELESS! (No doubt my parents are insanely proud right now) ...more

Giggle Gone? Need a Stimulus?

Giggle Gone? Does your Giggle need a bailout? How about a stimulus plan? Has your Giggle packed up and gone on permanent vacation? I am embarrassed to admit I lost my Giggle this past week. My smile, positive attitude and the bounce and shimmy in my step dried up and died. Like millions of Americans, the state of our national economic and political affairs has me scared, ok, terrified. Don't Bum People Out ...more

Look Fabulous, Fashionable, Flirty and help charity

The wait is over! After weeks of testing and preparation I am bubbling with excitement because my black Glam-o-rama Giggle On™ t-shirts are ready to be shared with the world! ...more

Build Confidence, Act "As If"

I love Wonder Woman Back in the 1970's I loved watching Lynda Carter transform from Diana Prince into Wonder Woman. I also remember having a crush on Lyle Waggoner who played Major Steve Trevor. He was the King of Hot to me. Hawt - as in, I want to "drop it like it's hot" (that one is for you Chelsea and Tasha). Handsome men in military uniforms make me swoon. But I digress...I want to talk about Wonder Woman! ...more

9 Tips to Boost Your Mood

Photo taken by Christa in Austin, TX 2008 ...more

The Blame Game. Do you play?

There is a man, a very spiritual man, respected by millions, who has entered the political commentary world with great gusto lately. His name is Deepak Chopra. On August 29, 2008, I read a disturbing article by Deepak titled "Obama and the Tragedy of Apathy”. ...more

“Peeus Waiticus” aka Waiting to Pee

A common health condition called “Peeus Waiticus” is on our Giggle On!™ Soap Box today. When translated from pig-Latin, “Peeus Waiticus” means Waiting to Pee. WTP is a serious problem affecting both males and females. WTP has been known to cause kidney infections, urinary tract infections & stomach aches. WTP can also lead to embarrassment and wet bottoms. Why do so many of us wait until it feels like our bladder is going to explode before hitting the bathroom? ...more

5 Quick Ways to Get Your Giggle On™

Having a bad day? Stressed? Need some comic relief? Here are some easy, free and simply solutions to incorporate silliness into your day: 1. The Underwear Solution Take a CLEAN pair of your panties (thongs, bikini’s, granny panties - whatever you’ve got) or a pair of boxers (the underwear, not the dog), briefs or jock strap (who still wears these?) and place them on your head, backwards. Check yourself out in the mirror while doing the “Underwear on Your Head dance”. Feels silly, don’t it? Look stupid, don’t you? I bet you smiled! 2. Invent New Words ...more

Entrepreneur: Egomaniac, Raging Bitch or Just Outright Crazy?

For those of you that may think I’m an egomaniac, raging bitch or just outright crazy to own and manage my own business, let me share with you some of my thoughts and perspective about being an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are a very special breed of people. 1. I risk my own money, my house, my future earnings and reputation on my business. I’m on the hook a whole lot of money and I take that real seriously. No one likes or sets out to fail. I intend to succeed. ...more