I Was Poisoning Myself

Over here in THE STATES… It’s full-on SPRINGTIME! And you know what that means!? Ladies… It’s time to start wearing bras and shaving your legs again… And gentlemen… ...more

Water You Drinking?

Obviously drinking water is essential to our health, however, have you ever thought about what could be potentially lurking within the water you're chugging that you cannot actually see? It's actually quite a scary thought when you think about it... And the dirty additives could in fact be causing a whole host of health issues that you thought were caused by other factors in your life! It's time to grab the "bull" by the horns and clean out your water... And here is one fool-proof way to do just that!...more

Michelle Bridges Won't Let Your Workout Routine Go By The Wayside

Michelle Bridges, one of the trainers on Australia's version of the The Biggest Loser, is launching a workout plan in January and gives me a sneak peak at some intense, yet phenomenal work outs, that can be done ANYWHERE! You have absolutely NO EXCUSE, NOT TO work...more