Week in the Life Summer 2015: Friday, July 17

5:15 AM – Lily wakes and I have Max get up with her because Lilz and I...more

Week in the Life Summer 2015: Thursday, July 16

This was the day where I never even put on a bra. Bow chica…womp womp. Okay, for realz now ....more

Week in the Life Summer 2015: Wednesday, July 15

This one really will be short. This was the day I took all the kids to urgent care and all three were diagnosed with strep. I wasn’t diagnosed from the rapid test but I was feeling worse and my throat was now sore so I went ahead and was put on antibiotics too ....more

Week in the Life Summer 2015: Tuesday, July 14

First up, congrats to Margot C for winning the Minions Giveaway that I hosted last week! And now the DITL…I will attempt to keep this one more brief just to...more

Week in the Life Summer 2015: Monday, July 14

7 AM – My first picture from this day is a screen shot at 7 AM so...more

Roasted Beet & Nectarine Salad with a Citrus Vinaigrette

Re-publishing this five year old recipe...more

Week in the Life Summer 2015: Sunday, July 12

**Warning – I am grumpy. And tired. And you can see that in this post but I am too grumpy and tired to go back and sugar coat ....more

Week in the Life Summer 2015: Saturday, July 11, 2015

First some business: the winner of the You-Name-The-Giftcard Giveaway is:...more

The Minions! (Giveaway with General Mills)

The kids were SO VERY EXCITED...more

Bella’s 6th Birthday Party: A (Relatively) Inexpensive Craft Party at Michael’s Arts & Crafts

My baby girl (the original baby girl, that is) just turned six on May 27. We celebrated her in all sorts of ways. She woke up to surprise balloons in her room, had her requested chocolate chip waffles for breakfast, then Max and I visited her school to read to her class and eat lunch with her (where I brought the requested Panera Mac & Cheese), and that night we went out for sushi (her request again!) along with the usual cake and presents ....more