Roasted Green Beans with Sriracha Rémoulade

So simple but it seems so fancy. This was a hit with our kids, too! Leftover Sriracha Rémoulade is awesome on burgers or sandwiches.Roasted Green Beans1 lb fresh green beans, washed and trimmed1 Tbsp olive oil1/2 tsp salt, divided1/4 tsp pepper Preheat oven to 425 degrees F ....more

Kid's Meals

Congrats to Jodi for winning the Tractor Book & Toy Giveaway! I have fallen off the wagon a bit from photographing and sharing hese meals given how busy things have been at home, but I plan to continue this series in some format. I also want to show pictures of what our adults meals look like ....more

Hodge Podge: Whine O'Clock Version

It's whine o'clock.ARRRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHH.So my eye has been twitching for the past few weeks thanks to Lily's sleep habits. She did sleep through the night one night (!) but I, of course, had a bad night of sleep that night and since then it has been more of her usual multiple wake-ups. She was so much easier as a newborn before all this teething business began ....more

"Big Tractors" Book & Tractor Toy Giveaway

Oliver has been a truck and tractor fan from early on and I was excited for the opportunity to review a new children's book called "Big Tractors with Casey& Friends" which is written by Holly Dufek and illustrated by Paul E. Nunn. When I read that the illustrator previously worked on Pixar's Cars, I was even more excited for Ollie as Cars is his favorite ....more

Last Week's Kid's Meals & Meal Planning

I am having apostrophe issues: Last Week's Kids Meals...more

Party Pooper

On a day that can be complex and heavy - a fact of life that I only realized with age and maturity (relative maturity, obviously) -...more

How I "To-Do" These Days

This goes out to all my organizing lovers of the world... I love organizers and calendars and planners and to-do lists. Always have and always will ....more

Lily's First Birthday & One Year Old Photos

First I must insist you watch this video of Lily eating her cake. She is my first kid to actually eat the cake and she did it with such flair. The other two were more interested in the texture of the frosting and cake so there was a lot of squishing it in their hands but not a lot of putting it in their mouths ....more

Last Week's Kids Meals + Meal Planning

Last week's kids' meals Monday: "Brasa" (a favorite Minneapolis restaurant) Inspired Dinner of Shredded Pork with Citrus Mojo Sauce, Corn, Spicy Sauteed Spinach, Curly Sweet Potato Oven Fries, Sriracha-Cilantro Mayo (for fry dipping) Notes: YUM. The pork took a lot of forethought and oven time over the weekend but it was delicious. I probably won't attempt sweet potato curly fries again unless I get crazy and try to fry them at home ....more

Toddler's Lullabye

A diaper, pajamas, a jacket that zipsI hold her, so solid, my baby, soft lipsShe plucks at my bra strap, a thwap to the skinI look down at sweetness, the plumpest of chinA dipe-muffled toot then lands in my palmHow is it that flatulence brings me such calm?While holding her, big doe eyes gaze back meI look back and hold true, she's all that I see.A finger then slowly pokes into my noseI pull out that finger and tickle her toesShe's rubbing her eyes with the back of her handHow crazy to think that this wasn't the planShe droops and she sighs and she folds into me The sleep is now coming, still the world, let it beAnd I rock and I rock and her breathing it slowsShe is heavy, so tiny, and I know that she knowsThat I love and we love, as we rock in this chairThe tears prick my eyes, she's beyond what is fairA kiss to the forehead, so sweaty, so sweetThis baby has made both our lives feel completeI lay her in bed, roll to tummy, make no peepA toddler you'll wake but as baby you'll sleep ...more